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Herefordshire council engaging in racketeering with new parking measures


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now I don’t have a problem with people who contravene the Highway Code being fined but where I do have a problem is bring in unnecessary parking charges to raise revenue it’s tantamount to racketeering in my opinion 


Councilor Harrington 

“A further £100,000 will go on plans to extend Hereford’s on-street pay-and-display parking areas, both in the areas covered and the rates charged.

This will be used to develop a business case, draft the legal measures, and potentially install new ticket machines. The council expects the plan to yield £41,000 over two years.

But the council insists the parking measures will be to “manage demand”, with income from the scheme “a consequence and not the purpose”.

Coun Harrington said extending parking zones “will prevent residential streets from being clogged with commuter parking”.

sorry John that’s absolutely boloney & you know it it’s a scam….so tell me when did Herefordshire council becoming a mafia organisation?

So my opinion is I totally disagree with this & find it disappointing that you are even considering milking the almost empty udders of the cash cow paying Herefordshire taxpayers once again

maybe if you didn’t go wasting our money in the first place you’d have no need to treat us with utter contempt by rinsing us the populace of this fair county out of or own hard earned earnings time & time again to waste time & time again!

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