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How about these ideas for car parking?


The word 'cool' is rarely the first thing that springs to a motorist's mind when negotiating the entrance to a multi-storey car park.
The usually grey, soul-less buildings are not generally regarded as epitomes of architectural elegance or groundbreaking examples of modern design.
But a competition to find the world's coolest car parks has uncovered dozens of stunning examples and now two British, as well as several US institutions have made it into the top 10.
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Station Approach car park opens

02 December 2013
Commuters, shoppers and visitors will have an extra 200 parking spaces in Hereford City from Tuesday 3 December 2013. The car park is situated opposite Morrison’s supermarket on Station Approach.
It is chargeable between the hours of 8am and 6pm Monday – Saturday. It will have an all-day ‘one tariff only’ fee of £3 for those who are looking for a long stay. Sunday also has a ‘one tariff only’ fee of £2 all day. Season tickets are available at £600 per year, or £165 per quarter.
The site has 5 Disabled spaces and an area where motorcycles can park free of charge.
There will be a cycle shelter and cycle store available later in the month. The cycle store can be used to leave a cycle overnight.
The car park will be ideal for those wanting to catch a train, visit the hospital, or park on the outskirts of the city and finish their commute on foot.


On the council's website today.

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