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CCTV Appeal After Theft From ATM in Belmont

Colin James

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CCTV Appeal After Theft From Cashpoint in Belmont


Police in Hereford are appealing for help from the public as they attempt to identify two men they want to trace in connection with a theft from a cashpoint in the city.


Police in Hereford are keen to identify this manThe incident occurred at the Tesco supermarket on Abbotsmead Road in Belmont on Saturday 2 June.

At just before 6.15pm, the victim - a 79-year-old lady - attempted to use one of the cashpoints at the store but was put off by an advert that came up on the screen. On seeing the advert the lady thought her transaction was unsuccessful and that the machine must be faulty.

She then moved to a second machine but as she did so the first machine bleeped and money came out of it.

Before she had chance to collect the money, one of two unknown men - who had been nearby - grabbed it from the machine and made off with it.

This left the elderly lady with nothing except the receipt for the £100 cash she had originally tried to get out of the machine.


This man is thought to be a crucial witness to a theft in BelmontA police spokesman said:


"This theft has left the elderly lady very upset as everything happened very quickly while she was a little confused.

"It appears the two men took advantage of the victim's confusion to carry out this theft and therefore we would like to find them as soon as possible. "With that in mind we are very keen to identify the two men pictured in the CCTV stills we have released today as we believe they may be vital witnesses to this theft.

"Either of the two men, or anyone who recognises them, is asked to contact PC Paul Sartoris in Hereford so that he can take statements from them about what they saw.

"Anyone with information about these men, or the theft itself, is asked to contact PC 2495 Sartoris as soon as possible on 0300 333 3000, quoting reference number 698S 020612.

"Alternatively, please remember that Crimestoppers can also be called anonymously on 0800 555 111 if you'd rather pass on information without getting directly involved yourself."

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Just see this in the HT


Police officers have tracked down two teenagers who stole £100 from an elderly woman in Hereford.


The 79-year-old was withdrawing money from the cash point outside the Tesco store in Belmont when the pair made off with the money.


Police press officer Chris Ammonds said the force received a great number of calls after CCTV stills of two alleged suspects were published in last week’s Hereford Times.


He said officers have now made contact with two teens who admitted the offence and have offered to pay back the money, write a letter of apology and buy the victim chocolates and flowers.


Mr Ammonds said that with the apology and the agreement of the victim the offence is likely to be settled by way of a community resolution rather than a lengthy process through the courts.

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