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Livestreamed documentary Rivercide to unmask UK’s water polluters tonight


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Livestreamed documentary Rivercide to unmask UK’s water polluters

George Monbiot hosts innovative investigation naming the farms and water firms damaging Britain’s rivers

Giant livestock farms and privatised water firms accused of polluting the nation’s waterways are to be named in what is thought to be the world’s first livestreamed investigative documentary.

The crowdfunded investigation Rivercide, which will be broadcast online at 7pm on Wednesday, will be hosted by environmental journalist and Guardian columnist George Monbiot. Monbiot will travel along the River Wye, which flows between England and Wales, to collect water samples that will be analysed as the documentary unfolds.

“This is a really shocking story of how our rivers are being devastated,” said Monbiot. “We’ll be revealing some serious wrongdoing.”

Monbiot decided to focus on the River Wye after a disturbing canoeing trip last summer. He found the Wye, which was once prized for its salmon, had changed beyond all recognition over the course of a decade. “There hadn’t been any rain so it should have been crystal clear but you couldn’t see anything,” he said. “I made the mistake of going swimming. As soon as my nostrils got near the water I nearly gagged because it was so disgusting. When I got out, my whole body felt like it was coated in slimy snot. It was like something out of a 1970s science fiction film.”


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Having watched the programme it appears more stupid to spend £90 billion plus on HS2 when there are millions of gallons of sewage discharged into our rivers every day by our water companies and totally illegal, What do you want clean water or to get to Manchester from London 40 minutes quicker. Maybe it's being built so the BBC staff can commute from London although a lot of them are working at home now?

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