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Stronger Hereford Castle Green Pavilion Project

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The Castle Green Pavilion project will enhance a much-loved but neglected community asset, open up access to the River Wye and add significantly to the infrastructure of Hereford’s visitor economy. The refurbished pavilion will provide a revitalised home for
the Youth Canoe Club, cafe facilities, a multifunctional and flexible community meeting space and a gallery celebrating local arts and heritage.


The Pavilion has the potential to become the heart of creative and innovative youth development in the city.



Developing the Pavilion brings a “whole day offer” to people visiting Hereford. We will add to commercial developments in the city by balancing the strong retail development on the north-west of the city with an art and heritage offer on the south-east side; all in walking distance, giving visitors a chance to enjoy the essence of the city’s rural/urban feel.

There is also huge potential for Castle Green to become the Festival Village
for Hereford, having successfully hosted large scale events with up to 3,500 people on site. The green is a natural amphitheatre and with the transformed Pavilion as the anchor point, Castle Green can become nationally recognised as a vibrant space of culture, commerce, and community activity.

This project will support Hereford’s creative sector and underperforming visitor economy, delivering the Towns Fund Intervention Framework objective of:

Improved arts, cultural and heritage offer that is more visible and easier for residents/visitors to access.


Total Cost: £1,560,000 | Towns Fund: £1,560,000 

Towns Fund will facilitate the full refurbishment of the Pavilion.

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What a fantastic idea !! The youth service took a large hit back in 2008 when the credit crunch happened not fault of there’s now with limited options for adventure community hubs this would be great place to build on offering that along with many others to enjoy and explore the beauty of the river and Herefordshire history!!

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