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Planning changes for the better?


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In The Guardian 6th August 2020

England's planning reforms will create 'generation of slums'



The biggest shake-up of planning for decades has caused fury that moves to fast-track the construction of “beautiful” homes across England will “dilute” democratic oversight, choke off affordable housing and lead to the creation of “slum” dwellings.

Under the proposals, unveiled on Thursday, planning applications based on pre-approved “design codes” would get an automatic green light – eliminating a whole stage of local oversight within designated zones.

Land across England would be divided into three categories – for growth, renewal or protection – under what Robert Jenrick, the housing secretary, described as “once in a generation” reforms to sweep away an outdated planning system and boost building.

New homes, hospitals, schools, shops and offices would be allowed automatically in “growth” areas. In “renewal” zones, largely urban and brownfield sites, proposals would be given “permission in principle” subject to basic checks. Green belt and areas of outstanding natural beauty would be protected.

While the proposed changes are likely to appeal to developers, they prompted stinging criticism from housing charities, planning officers and architects who warned of a new generation of fast and substandard housing.

Boris can move quickly when there is money to be made. Robert Jenrick's got form in helping out his friends developing sites in London. Wait for the free for all with the developers, the council and housing associations building everywhere, especially on the open spaces enjoyed by residents. More blight for the future as these bodies can't look after what they have already got. Interesting to hear the Civic Society views on this one.

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In The Daily Telelgraph - 5th August 2020



All new streets to be tree lined under Government plans to end 'identikit estates'

Robert Jenrick, the Housing Secretary, says he aims to create 'better quality neighbourhoods' around the UK that will bring an end to "identikit estates".

All new streets will have to be tree-lined under proposed new planning laws that will bring an end to "identikit estates".

Green belt land will remain protected and the new rules will be designed to ensure that new-build homes are in keeping with their surroundings.

Ministers will also speed up the planning process in what Robert Jenrick, the Housing Secretary, has called a "once in a generation" reform of the system. Mr Jenrick will publish a white paper entitled "Planning for the Future", which will form the basis for new laws expected to be in place by next year.

He said on Wednesday that the current planning system has been "a barrier to building the homes people need" and promised to create "better quality neighbourhoods" around the country.

It's alright planting new trees where there is space, but no one maintains them. On Newton Farm trees are blocking light from their gardens and houses, with some people now cutting off the low hanging branches and leaving the rubbish on the ground. With little road sweeping, litter, graffiti, blocked drains and weeds growing in the kerbs, our street are in keeping with their surroundings - ie neglected and blighted.

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