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Council continues progress towards ‘Better Ways of Working’

Hereford Voice

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With a large proportion of employees successfully working from home since March 2020 due to Covid-19, Herefordshire Council has agreed revised plans that support staff to work from locations across the county and reduce the number of offices in Hereford. 


As part of the Council’s ‘Better Ways of Working’ initiative to enable staff to work flexibly from locations across the county, in February 2020 Cabinet approved plans to reduce council office accommodation in Hereford by reconfiguring working space at Plough Lane with staff supported to work from alternative locations including market town multi-agency offices.

Since then there have been major changes in working practises to ensure staff and public safety during the Covid-19 pandemic. The council has had to revisit how it does everything, and the majority of council staff are now working from home. In light of the effectiveness of these new arrangements and the positive response of staff, Cabinet yesterday (Thursday 23 July) agreed revised plans that establish working from home as the default for the majority of council employees. Office space will be prioritised for services where essential for their work and meeting space will be available for collaborative working.

Staff will relocate from Elgar House and Nelson House in Hereford with the offices at Plough Lane reconfigured to support this. As part of the decision a major refurbishment of the Ryefield Centre in Ross on Wye which will provide more office space in the market town, while in Leominster there will be increased capacity at the multi-agency office with the Old Priory no longer needed for offices. There are also other office sites in Hereford that will be freed-up for alternative use.

The changes will be implemented within the £850k budget originally agreed by Cabinet in February, with the expenditure to be off-set by savings on building costs over the next few years. As well as saving accommodation costs in the longer-term, the plans also look to decrease the employee carbon footprint from reduced travel.

The decision papers can be found on the Herefordshire Council website.Councillor Gemma Davies, Cabinet Member for Commissioning, Procurement and Assets, said:



“’Better Ways of Working’ recognises that the way we all work is changing, and Covid-19 has meant that we have had to look again at how we do everything. The plans put in place to support agile working has meant council staff have quickly and effectively adapted to different ways of working over the past few months, and have clearly demonstrated that with the right support working flexibly from a number of locations can be achieved successfully. We cannot thank them enough for this.

“Like all councils across the country, we need to carefully consider how we can provide high-quality services to our residents while managing our limited budgets. If we can maximise the potential of home working and use of multi-agency offices in the market towns this will provide more opportunities for truly county-wide working while making savings on accommodation in the longer term.

“We will also reduce the number of people travelling into Hereford for work, which helps to decrease congestion and responds to the climate emergency.”



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So if you are computer literate you can work from home. Looks like we are going to have a bunch of sofa sitting bureaucrats. So all the offices become redundant after spending millions on them, but you can guarantee there will plenty of expenses going in for home office equipment. Doctor's surgeries going the same way - the personal approach is being dismantled for technological changes saving a couple of billion quid. So far Coronovirus has cost us £195 billion (up to 9th July) and Jeff Besoz the world's richest man, can take home in one day £10bn to add to his fortune.


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