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Shack Revolution Owners Take Over Booth Hall Hereford

Hereford Voice

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The owners of The Shack Revolution confirm that they will be taking over The Booth Hall and have some new and exciting plans in mind.


The hall which dates back as far as 1380 was damaged by fire in 2010 and Elevate Properties have been busy restoring it as a restaurant and hotel. 

James Manning from The Shack Revolution said:


“We’ve got some exciting plans lined up for the iconic Booth Hall, we are keeping them under wraps for the time being but rest assured the Booth will be back!”

Manbro Developments and the Shack Revolution owners James and Rich Manning have acquired the Booth Hall from Elevate Property Group for an undisclosed figure.


The hall is thought to have been built between 1380 and 1400 and is said to be mentioned in a deed of 1392. In 1392 the building was acquired by the City by licence from the King because they had no place in which the Sessions of the Justices of Assize or of the Peace or the Pleas of the City might be held. It seems to have been used by the Mercers Company for their Guild Room from C16 until at least 1756. The basement was used as a freemen's prison. The building finally became an inn at the end of 18th or beginning of 19th century, and the Great Room was lost sight of in later alterations until the collapse of a chimney in 1919 revealed the presence of the carved roof.

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