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Herefordshire Parking RingGo App Problems & Parking Tickets Issued

Hereford Voice

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We have received several complaints from motorists in Hereford who have used Herefordshire Councils chosen parking partner app 'RingGo'


The complains appear to focus of the wrong parking location at the point of payment, we are not sure if this is a glitch with the app or simply down to the app showing the nearest location number 'at the top' which most people would automatically select rather than the correct location number for the street that the motorist is parked in. 

This has resulted in genuine people paying for their parking only to find a parking ticket on their vehicle when they return. Upon investigation they may well have paid for parking but if they are shown as parking in the next street they still end up with a ticket. When this has been challenged with Herefordshire Council more often than not the Council still enforce the ticket and fine, even though you cannot park the same vehicle in two separate streets at the same time, we have given an example below:

Motorist parks their vehicle in Broad Street (location number 85598) near to the Library and pays £3.36 for 2 hours parking however, when they have paid the location selected was for King Street (location number 85995).

Ticket is issued.

Is Herefordshire Council being unfair here by insisting that the motorist still pays the parking ticket fine, even though the motorist has actually paid to park for 2 hours?


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17 hours ago, Rebecca Morrison said:

I just responded on the FB page but yes this happened to me before Xmas, parked in Castle St but I had input the number for St Owens St, I was issued a ticket and they would not remove the fine even though I could prove that I had paid to park for an hour, I'm sure that I had input Castle St so it could be a bug with the app regardless of that if you have paid to park the council should revoke the ticket, its expensive enough to park in Hereford as it is

I had the same problem, I struggle with my phone sometimes because my fingers are too big, so now I ask the wife to do it or me. Traffic warden was about to give me a ticket and when she could see what I had done, she let us off with the ticket and just advised to double check the location, she told us quite a few people have got caught out entering the wrong location 

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