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Cabinet to Consider Reports Regards Hereford Transport Package

Hereford Voice

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Herefordshire Council’s Cabinet is due to consider reports and recommendations regarding the Hereford Transport Package.


This will include considering a preferred route for the bypass at a meeting on Friday 27 July 2018 at 10am.

In advance of this, the council’s General Scrutiny Committee has called in the decision for pre-decision scrutiny; and will consider the issue on Wednesday 18 July 2018 at 10am.

Both these meetings will be held in public at the Shire Hall in Hereford, and anyone is able to attend to observe the proceedings. Members of the public will be able to ask questions in advance of these meetings and the audio of the meetings will also be broadcast live. Details of how to submit a question and how to attend or listen to the meetings online are available on the council’s website

These meetings follow Cabinet approval of a short list of route options for the bypass in January this year which was the subject of public consultation in February and March. The reports detailing the results of the public consultation and the technical work undertaken to assess the options will be included within the agenda papers for the meetings. The agenda papers for the first of these meetings, General Scrutiny Committee, will be published on the council’s website on the evening of Tuesday 10 July 2018.

The council is ensuring that potentially affected residents and landowners are made aware of these meetings and how to access the agenda papers and reports.


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Herefordshire CPRE Admin <admin@cpreherefordshire.org.uk>

2:19 PM (14 minutes ago)


Dear HCPRE Member


Please see below for an update on the Hereford Bypass – which is being pushed through at a perturbing rate.
Please share this as widely as you can and consider taking action as outlined below, in What can you do now?


Hereford Bypass update 10th July 2018


Herefordshire Council have announced when decisions will be taken on their preferred route for the proposed western bypass for Hereford at 7pm today (Tuesday 10th July 2018).

A report about the Hereford Transport Package (HTP) will be published - presumably on Herefordshire Council's website. This will include the Council's preferred route for the bypass from the seven routes shortlisted earlier this year.


The General Scrutiny Committee (GSC) will then consider this report when it meets at 10am on Wednesday 18th July in the Shire Hall Hereford. The Council's Cabinet will make decisions on Friday 27th July - its meeting also starts at 10am at the Shire Hall.


We expect a lengthy report - with many appendices - since it includes the preferred bypass route, the results of the consultation earlier this year and also proposals for active travel measures: cycling etc.

The GSC have decided to examine the HTP proposals before the Cabinet meeting rather than afterwards. This means that once the Cabinet agrees any recommendations on the 27th they are final and there are no delays. Cabinet's decisions cannot be 'called in' and scrutinised again, whatever they are.


There will be a further public consultation later in 2018. What can you do now?


·         Write to your County Councillor and MP objecting to the speed at which this key decision is being taken - see below. (Even if you are not in his constituency you can write to Jesse Norman at the Department for Transport - he is Roads Minister)


·         Tell your friends how damaging the bypass will be – please pass this on to as many contacts as you can, via email & social media! - it is unaffordable,will not improve transport in Hereford but will do lots of environmental damage.


·         Attend the meetings of Scrutiny and Cabinet - they are open to the Public.

·         Ask questions at either the Scrutiny and / or Cabinet meeting - this is where the undue haste/speed of decision comes in. The reports will be long and need time to digest.

-      There is a process and timetable for the public to follow when asking questions which have to be approved by Herefordshire Council's Members Services Section, three working days in advance of the meeting.

-      So for Scrutiny on Wednesday 18th July you will need to get your question in by 5pm Thursday 12th July - less than 48 hours after you have begun to read the paperwork. Surely this does not help public participation in the democratic process?

-      For Cabinet you have until Monday 23 July 5pm to submit your question.


·         Gather outside the Shire Hall before either / both meetings to protest.


·         Do you think there is someone with influence / a public profile who might be persuaded to support the CPRE Stop The Bypass campaign?


·         Can you think of any groups / organisations to which you belong - other than CPRE - who might be prepared to listen to a speaker explain why the bypass is a bad idea - speakers can be provided!



Thank you for your time.

With kind regards



Barbara Bromhead-Wragg

HCPRE Administrator

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Here for Hereford‏ @HereforHereford 37m37 minutes ago


@HfdsCouncil preferred route for the "bypass" that makes city congestion worse is the Red Route. Demolishing 5 homes & affecting up to 800 existing homes @greenhereford @bbchw @HTnewsroom @BelmontAbbeyUK @itsourcounty

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