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Cllr. Jonathan Lester Elected Leader of Herefordshire Council

Hereford Voice

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Councillor Jonathan Lester has been elected the new Leader of Herefordshire Council at Full Council today (Friday 9 March 2018).

Councillor Lester has served with the council since 2011. He is Ward Member for Three Crosses and has been a Cabinet Member for Young People and Children’s Wellbeing since 2015. More recently, Councillor Lester was Deputy Leader of the Council.

Councillor Jonathan Lester, Leader of Herefordshire Council

The new Leader of Herefordshire Council, Councillor Jonathan Lester, said:


“It is a great honour to be elected Leader of Herefordshire Council. These are challenging but exciting times and I am really focused on the tasks ahead, such as improving the health and wellbeing of our citizens, providing them with greater opportunities, and ensuring that we continue to invest in our economy.

“Herefordshire is a wonderful place to live, filled with innovation, creativity and a determination to succeed. I look forward to building on what has already been achieved so that everyone in Herefordshire can thrive and reach their full potential.”

Councillor Tony Johnson is retiring following five years as Leader of Herefordshire Council, and wishes the new Leader well:


“When I became leader in 2013, the council made the difficult decision to make £87m of savings by 2019/20, meaning we had to prioritise essential services alongside the ambition to improve. Whilst many councils have struggled with reduced income, Herefordshire has been agile, operationally focussed, had a clear strategic direction, strengthened its finances, and has delivered. I am confident that Councillor Lester will build upon this in the coming years and wish him well as the new Leader.”


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