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Setting new Council Tax figures for 2018 to 2019


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Having pointed out the iniquity of the council tax system in Hereford Voice in 2014, The Guardian has done a piece on the latest situation comparing Westminster with other parts of the country.

The top band H (properties over £320,00) will be paying £1,376 this coming year 2017 to 2018.

Your Council Tax for 2017 to 2018*:
Band    Westminster City Council     Greater London Authority   Total
A          £272.08                              £186.68                             £458.76
B          £317.43                              £217.79                             £535.22
C          £362.77                              £248.91                             £611.68
D          £408.12                              £280.02                             £688.14
E          £498.81                              £342.25                             £841.06
F          £589.51                              £404.47                             £993.98
G         £680.20                              £466.70                             £1,146.90
H         £816.24                              £560.04                             £1,376.28

*The council has increased its own general council tax requirement by 1.9%. Westminster council tax also includes a charge for Adult Social Care as proposed by central government costing an additional 2.0%. The GLA have increased their council tax requirement by 1.5%.

compare this with Hereford City Council

Hereford City Council including the Police & Fire precepts
A     £1,184.17             
B     £1,381.54             
C     £1,578.89             
D     £1,776.26             
E     £2,170.98             
F     £2,565.72             
G     £2,960.43             
H     £3,552.52     

I leave you to digest the figures. Each parish has a different council tax figure - Ewyas Harold tops the charts with a Band H figure of £3661.76 and Stoke Edith, Dinmore and Hampton Bishop pay the least at £3445.84

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Council Tax: stock of properties 2017

Herefordshire, County of UA                          Westminster

Band A 13,070                                                    Band A 1,730

Band B 19,640                                                    Band B 6,640

Band C 16,460                                                    Band C 15,930

Band D 13,110                                                    Band D 22,750

Band E 11,480                                                    Band E 22,850

Band F  6,760                                                     Band F 17,650

Band G 3,540                                                     Band G 22,690

Band H 190                                                        Band H 15,340

Total 84,240 properties                                 Total 125,480 properties

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