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New Cabinet Member Portfolios Announced

Colin James

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Portfolio changes confirmed from 1 December 2017

Herefordshire Council has announced changes to the Cabinet Member portfolios.
Leader of Herefordshire Council, Councillor Tony Johnson, has streamlined Councillor David Harlow’s member responsibility so he will become Cabinet Member for Economy and Communications. This enables Councillor Harlow to focus on economic development, regeneration and the Hereford Enterprise Zone in line with Herefordshire Council’s priority to support the growth of the local economy. Councillor Harlow will also have responsibility for broadband and communications strategy.
Councillor Nigel Shaw will add corporate services to his portfolio to become Cabinet Member for Finance, Housing and Corporate Services. As part of his corporate services remit, Councillor Shaw will take on additional responsibility for areas such as emergency planning and business continuity, legal and democratic services, registration and coroner services, human resources and health and safety.
Councillor Barry Durkin will become Cabinet Member for Transport and Regulatory Services as he broadens his portfolio with responsibility for environmental health, trading standards, licensing, bereavement services and markets and fairs.
Councillor Bramer, Cabinet Member for Contracts and Assets, will take responsibility for shared services and contract management policy.
Councillor Paul Rone, as Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing, will incorporate community engagement and development into his portfolio.
Councillor Tony Johnson, Leader of Herefordshire Council, said:
“The Cabinet Member portfolio changes are designed to support our commitment to economic growth, building houses and creating jobs across the county.”
The full list of Cabinet Members as of 1 December 2017:
Councillor Tony Johnson
Leader of the council / Corporate strategy and budget
Councillor Jonathan Lester
Deputy leader of the council / Young people and children’s wellbeing
Councillor Harry Bramer
Contracts and assets
Councillor David Harlow
Economy and communications
Councillor Nigel Shaw
Finance, housing and corporate services
Councillor Paul Rone
Health and wellbeing
Councillor Philip Price
Councillor Barry Durkin
Transport and regulatory services
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