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Dying Breed


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The Guardian is reporting (ok, ok Ragwert - I know we shouldn't believe everything the sandal-wearing muesli-eaters read) that one-in-five of all High Street estate agents face extinction, due to growing internet sales. So what will the city's Broad Street / Bridge Street area look like in a few years time, where there are currently 17 estate agents? Room to shoehorn in a few more coffee franchises and a couple of tattoo parlours perhaps?

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To be honest I'm surprised there are 17 estate agents still about,then again they charge so much so that's probably why.
The rise in cheap online estate agents will kill them in the end though and they will all probably follow.
I'll be selling our home next year using one of the online agents & it will cost me around £600.Compare that to the £3,000 say Connells would want

it's a no brainer.

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Me ex wife is an estate agent and I am informed they are as busy as ever, internet sales have been around for sometime now but there will always be people who still prefer the personal service.


A tattoo and a coffee are not something that you can buy online thankfully, so while one trade my loose out another will gain...That said, one of my biggest gripes is when shop staff constantly tell me if something is not in stock, I can always buy it online and I always tell them, if they keep telling people this they will soon be out of a job.

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