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The Bastards Won't Allow Us To Escape.


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Take 17 of the poorest EU member states, and there's plenty to choose from, lump them together and add up their sovereign wealth, GDP and any other economic factor that'll estimate a nations wealth, and that combined sum total will not surpass the wealth and economic power of Britain.

Britain is the second largest contributor to the Brussels EU funds and its second lowest beneficiary. Indeed, if you factor in the levy that Britain has been required to pay twice during the last decade that punishes us for our economic success story of growth, jobs and wealth, we actually pay more in than our closest economic rivals Germany.

Factor in the contributions of Britain, Germany, Italy and France and you'll calculate that these four nations of the 28 member states account for 64 percent of all the EU funds received in Brussels. Whilst all pay in something, what the poor get out to fund their poverty stricken countries can often be as high as 200 times the size of their annual contribution.

The population of the entire European Union is just over three hundred million people. Britain accounts for over a fifth of that number which probably goes some way to explaining why we take more EU residential migrants and are the first choice of destination of the other member state citizens.

So, you'd think that given we've provided all our free of charge public services that include housing, health care and education to many millions of people and their dependants, we've been extraordinarily generous and giving hosts, you'd think that in some small part they'd treat us with a little kindness and understanding? No such bloody luck!

Our problem in extricating ourselves from this Union essentially boils down to one bloody thing. Nigh on 11 billion quid! For probably the one and only time in the history of this neo communistic model of globalisation madness that sees the wealthy giving and the poor taking so that we all end up as f.uck.ed up as one another, not one single member of the remaining 27 is in disagreement. The rich don't want to pay anymore and the poor don't want to be given any less which means, unless I'm a fiscally illiterate bloody idiot, we're about to be buggered over and have the lips of the poor member states clinging onto our cash cow teats for decades to come.

We ain't leaving the European Union!

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