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New LBJ Express in Dallas


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New LBJ Express in Dallas, Texas Aerial Video Shows the Vision is Becoming Reality


One year after the opening of the massive and complex LBJ Express corridor, the number of vehicles using it is up 10 to 15 percent and speeds are up by 15 percent across the entire highway, project leaders say.

Overall congestion is down nearly 70 percent in the past year, according to Cintra’s LBJ Infrastructure Group, which handled the project.

The LBJ Express corridor, which sits along I-635 west of Luna Road to east of Greenville Avenue, fully opened in September 2015. The 13.3 mile, $2.6 billion project features managed toll lanes called TEXpress Lanes, where motorists pay more to drive freer-flowing portions when the highway is especially congested.

The goal of the managed toll lanes, dubbed “Lexus lanes†because their prices rise during peak traffic, is to minimize congestion and add predictability to drivers’ commutes.

The LBJ Express project began in 2011 and included the reconstruction of expanded frontage lanes and main lanes, as well as the addition of bypass lanes and managed lanes. As many as 250,000 cars travel the stretch daily.

The construction includes the complete rebuild of 18 individual lanes with the tolled managed lanes below its surface throughout most of the corridor. The finished project includes new and continuous frontage roads with bypass lane sections, reconstructed general highway lanes and three additional TEXpress Lanes in each direction.


Don't let the Council see this! Built for people who don't want to get out of their cars and couldn't care less about the environment. I can see the elevated sections getting across the Lammas meadows going east. The Hereford Link road is about the width of the LBJ freeway.

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What was the other topic Colin - I can't seem to find it - where's the link? I think you are being too dogmatic Colin about sticking to the topic. Maybe I will stop posting as I am not toeing the line. After all we don't want to draw peoples attention to side issues. People can decide themselves whether what one posts are of interest and if not move on.

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