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Freedom At Last!


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Today, at Lancaster House, our Premier Theresa May made what was a remarkable and historic speech outlining how we are to extricate ourselves from the European Union. For me it was a pleasure to sit there and watch this great day unfold and I feel proud once again to be British and to now know beyond any doubt that we are most definitely leaving the madness of the Union.

The speech was strong on detail, very optimistically aspirational, open and friendly, extremely pragmatic and in very clear terms she outlined the folly in Brussels attempting to punish us and subsequently destroying themselves.

Happily, in a very honourable British way, she took the time to reach out to the millions of EU migrants resident in our Country who, through no fault of their own are now caught up and snared in this political event and I hope her words of comfort to them, very unlike those from Brussels, bring them some confidence that they will not have to leave Britain.

We are to leave the single market, we will no longer have to tolerate the folly of The Free Movement Of People, we will regain control of our borders, our Country will no longer be tied and bound to the judiciary of European Law, our Country will be back in our hands, the funding to the EU will cease, we can trade with the outside world and it looks very much like we will leave the Customs Union that's so damaging to economic growth right across the Continent.

The tide has certainly shifted in our favour. The Euro currency continues to destroy the Southern Medditeranean nations, Italy is on the brink, Greece destroyed, owned and run by Germany, many citizens across the Geographic EU area are beginning to reject the ideology of Federal Europe, Jean Claude Juncker and his deciples are falling apart, TTIP is gone and ain't coming back, and finally, if that ain't sweet enough for me, the President Elect Trump has made it perfectly clear he despises the EU and Britain will be at the front of the queue in any future trade deal. Indeed, like the USA, so many nations, sympathetic to our position have stepped forward and assured Britain that they will trade with us which has certainly helped us and strengthened the negotiating position of Britain.

The only unknown in this political equation is whether or not the EU will still be standing by the time Britain has negotiated it's exit from the madness of a Union which has become the greatest man made mistake since Hitler decided that the German people required more living space.

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And, as an afterthought, only a woman could have delivered such a speech. Untainted by the approach of the male of the species and our collective frequent tendency to become confrontational and thus create friction, this woman quietly delivered her speech, made her points and in a very subtle and feminine way, gently nudged the mandarins of Europe not to be spiteful to their friends and try to punish the British people.

Course, Juncker, Tusk, Schulz and the mad federalist called Guy from Belgium, this wise and kindly diplomatic nudge from May will probably be ignored and they'll happily destroy a hundred thousand jobs upon the mainland of Europe just to ensure that in Guy's words, 'the rats(The British) are leaving the sinking ship and we must punish Britain to stop other nations trying to leave the Union.'

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Pound is already increasing too. Everyone thinks we are in the scheiBe; truth is they are. They know they'll be losing millions££ from GB who have been sheep for far too long. The people of GB are stronger than anyone anticipated! How many countries will follow?

Kind of reminds me of MLK; "no that's daft" they said.......

Who's laughing now?

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