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Hereford 2020


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Am I missing something here? Why is Hereford2020 so special? Is it the year "our Colin" gets freedom of the city or flogged to death!! ;p Will the never ending traffic congestion end? Will "those traffic lights" finally be switched off? Will a second river crossing be in place? Or will it be in "The Times" top ten places to live?

Let's face it, it take the council months to get a small patch of grass cut; what do they expect to achieve in 1220 days?

Someone please enlighten me.

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Good question - it's a typical Council way of doing things, to bundle a group of actions under a 'banner', yet nowhere on the www.hereford2020.com does it state what or even who Hereford 2020 is or what it is meant to be doing or achieving. On the Facebook page it merely states 'Hereford is changing. To help Herefordshire prosper there are a variety of schemes underway to improve Hereford city'


I think we can categorically say that none of Dilligaf's wishes will come to pass, indeed the number of traffic lights will increase exponentially with the Link Road, as there will be dozens of the damned things on there. We can also say that some cats will get fatter, councillors will pop up for ribbon cutting photo calls and disappear again equally quickly, consultation responses will be ignored, our road infrastructure will continue to crumble and the Council's debt will continue to spiral upwards. Worth noting though that 2020 is one year after the elections of 2019 - voter apathy gave us the current incumbents, let's hope that doesn't happen again.

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Thanks for that TWG. As I am a Facespace virgin I wouldn't have known; another assumption from the council that everyone IS on Facespace and will know!

I'm glad that Colin is not getting flogged either!!


Perhaps some of our great councillors could shed some light on this predicament with "Hard Facts" and not more speculation? HV members are all very well aware that many of our councillors peruse this forum silently for inspiration, even some of the top bosses!

Perhaps we ( HV ) could hold a meeting with Hereford2020 to find out exactly what it's all about and invite the HT over to take minutes.

I wait in anticipation.

Over to you councillors.

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