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Caroline Lucas Proportional Representation Bill: How did your MP vote?


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26 July 2016 



74 MPs voted FOR the bill, this is far more than last time when only 29 MPs voted for. We were only 7 votes away from Caroline's bill going to a 2nd reading and having a parliamentary debate on a fairer voting system.


Thank you to everyone who contacted their MPs to ask them to vote for the bill, Make Votes Matter has made many new connections and relationships as a result. We have also updated our map of MPs views on PR here:


What did our local MPs think about this. Pretty Predictable.


Hereford South Herefordshire - CON - Jesse Norman - opposes PR


"As it happens, I don't agree with you about Proportional Representation. Full PR would break the link between an MP and his or her voters; it would be less decisive than our present system, and it would mean you could have a change of government from one party or set of parties to another without a general election. All these aspects are highly unattractive, in my view."
Herefordshire North - CON - Bill Wiggin - opposes PR

"Sorry to disappoint you but the election was far from a forgone conclusion and given that there were large numbers of Lib Dems before and that they were wiped out is not the fault of first past the post but of the lib dems themselves."


Interestingly these are the average votes required to elect an MP to the party.


Party - Votes per seat 
Conservative - 34,244 


Labour - 40,290 


SNP - 25,972 


Lib Dem - 301,986 


DUP ........23,032 


Sinn Ffein - 44,058 


Plaid Cymru - 60,564 


SDLP - 33,269 


UUP - 57,467 


Ukip - 3,881,129 


Green - 1,157,613
Like the cabinet system in Herefordshire Council and the recent referendum. We will consult you, but will not listen to you. Now go away - we have got our own agenda.


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