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Temporary CCTV for Hereford Cemetery


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The council have decided to install CCTV cameras at the Hereford Cemetery on a temporary basis.


See quote from the Hereford Times below:




CALLS for CCTV cameras to be installed at a Hereford cemetery where thieves damaged and stole personal items from graves have been answered.

Herefordshire Council announced this week that it would be installing the cameras in the children's section at Hereford's Crematorium and Cemetery in Westfaling Street on a temporary basis.
Security patrols in the area are also going to be increased following discussions between the council, police and the security firm.
It comes after a campaign and online petition calling for the measures to be introduced received 1,833 signatures.
The Hereford Times has previously reported how families were left devastated after discovering sentimental ornaments and items had been smashed and stolen early last month.
In October 2014, vandals targeted nine Jewish headstones in a secluded, separate part of the cemetery in an attack.
A police investigation failed to identify the culprits, and at that time Herefordshire Council indicated no increased security measures would be put in place to deter the perpetrators from returning.
But in its statement this week, the council said additional security measures would be introduced over the coming weeks.
It said: "Herefordshire Council would like to extend its sympathy to the families concerned at this difficult time.
"Following ongoing discussions and a meeting with council staff, the police and the security company about the best way of securing the cemetery area, it has been agreed to increase security patrols in the graveyard and to introduce temporary CCTV in the coming weeks, which will hopefully help prevent this type of unacceptable behaviour again."


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The cemetery opening times are 0900 - 1700 Nov. to March. 0900 - 2000 April to Oct.


I would guess that the damage/theft there happens after closing time so it's really in the Council's lap. Any pro-active deterrent from the cops is only ever going to be an infrequent  drive by. Or cycle by. Or, more unlikely, a walk by. They ain't going to be wandering around inside after closing time. 


CCTV in there is a potential divisive issue but the fact that cameras might be in there might well deter any new incidents ~ if the info filters down to the low life involved in the Jewish hate crime and the more recent children section thefts ....  

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