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Hereford Locality Weekly Briefing W/E 24th April 2015

Colin James

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Dear Councillors and Parish Clerks,

I am pleased to report that the reactive team has completed the following works during the last week:

  • 128 square metres of carriageway patching
  • 7 square metres of footway patching
  • 21 gully’s cleaned
  • 2 gully repairs
  • 8 fly tips removed
  • 32 kerb defects fixed
  • 46 footway blocks/slabs re-set
  • 360 linear metres of ditching works carried out.


Update from Shane - (City South Belmont, St Martins & Hinton, and Tupsley Wards; Rural Backbury and Hollington Wards)

Amongst the above works the following was completed

Hollington Ward

·         Pothole and carriageway patching repairs on C1266 near to Holme Lacy House

·         Pothole repair Witherstone Lane

·         Ditching works on C1266

·         Fly-tip collected form Chapel Road


St Martins Ward

·         Pothole and carriageway deterioration patching works in Hinton Road

·         Pothole and gully repair in Holme Lacy Road

·         Fly-tip collected from Honddu Close


Tupsley Ward

·         Pothole and carriageway deterioration patching works in Church Road

·         Litter bin repair in Whittern Way

Some of the issues I have addressed this week 

  • Removal of overhanging, fallen tree along bridleway MF6
  • Monthly inspection of A roads
  • Monthly inspection of B roads
  • Minor footbridge repairs on PROW HB1
  • Raised works order for carriageway patching in Hunderton Road
  • Raised order for repairs to chicane in Waterfield Road following road traffic collision damage
  • Raised order for new traffic signs in Belmont Road following liaison with the Police
  • Raised order in respect of blocked gully on A4103 at Shucknall
  • Cut down tree branches overhanging footpath in Ledbury Road
  • Raised works order for pothole repair in Hinton Crescent
  • Raised works order in respect of kerb defect in Hinton Road
  • Approved dropped crossing application in Falstaff Road
  • Carried out litter pick around Northholme Community Centre
  • Various enquiries in respect of trees


Update from Mike (City North Aylestone, Central, St Nicholas, and Three Elms Wards; Rural Credenhill and Hagley Wards)

This week I have 

·         Completed the monthly A road inspection with Shane

·         Completed the monthly B road inspection with Shane

·         Completed the monthly walked City Centre inspection

·         Attended a multi agency meeting at the Town Hall

·         Approved a scaffolding license application in Green Street

·         Raised a number of c/way & f/way repairs in Folly lane

·         Raised a number of works orders for c/way repairs in Barton Road

·         Reported on 2 x possible unlicensed skips deposited on the public highway

·         Raised a works order for repairs to Mill Lane street name plate Credenhill

·         Raised a works order to replace a damaged pedestrian guardrail Station Road Credenhill

·         Raised a number of c/way pothole repairs to the C1099 junction with A 480 Credenhill

·         Raised c/way patch repairs to Sheridan Road

·         Raised works order for resurfacing works to Welford Green footway

·         Raised a Cat 1 defect to a dangerous brick wall in Ecroyd Park Credenhill

·         Made safe and raised a works order for repairs to a damaged drainage cover in Cranwell Drive Credenhill

·         Raised  works order for overgrown vegetation to be cut back Sherrington Drive jct with Yazor Road


Phil Pankhurst has sent his briefing separately.

Surplus de-icing product

BBLP recently trialled a de-icing solution which has subsequently not been taken into routine use as it is not suitable for the type of highway use we require. It is however potentially suitable for use in a number of community type settings, perhaps in churchyards, entrances to residential care homes, and so on. The surplus is available free of charge to any Parish Council/Community Group that thinks they could use it. I’ve attached a data sheet but essentially the solution is most effective when sprayed on footpaths, yard areas or similar when icy conditions are forecast (to prevent ice forming) rather than after the event. The solution comes in 25 litre drums and as it needs to be sprayed any group taking up the offer would need a simple spray container/device. An opportunity maybe to get ahead of the game in preparation for next winter. If you are interested let Mike or I know.


Herefordshire Council website is the one-stop-shop for up to date information

Maps for pot holes are available on the Councils website


We hope the above is of interest.

Kind regards

Shane & Mike.

Shane Hancock | Senior Locality Steward (Hereford City South)

Balfour Beatty Living Places | Unit 3, Thorn Business Park | Rotherwas | Hereford | HR2 6JT

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That de - icing solution.......I want it!


Whoever has the ear of the Greyfriars/Whitecross candidates, tell them to get a wriggle on and get some of that stuff pronto! That'll guarantee them a good few votes!


The pavements around Whitecross are bloody lethal in the winter.

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