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I can see fallers at the starting gate!


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Now they have finally finished the pavement on Roman Road this pelican crossing is being used a lot. The trouble is that the traffic is backing onto the roundabout when the lights are red and because of this south facing traffic coming down the A49 cannot exit. Traffic blocks the roundabout and its quite possible that traffic coming from Roman Road Holmer Park side could easily attempt to go around the roundabout for the A49 and drive into this traffic.


I can see this island roundabout losing all the current landscaping to improve safety. The traffic on the A49 can now get back as far as Kenchester water gardens during school and college term time.post-1090-0-93982700-1429041761_thumb.jpg

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It's a common problem in our roundabout laden town!


When I was out gathering support to stand in Holmer ward (I think where these problems are located) there were a huge number of people complaining how dangerous it was to cross the road, particularly for those with disabilities.


I will talk with the current councillor(s) about this and see if there's anything to be done to reduce the crossing time (if it's a long one). the one opposite the sixth form used to be highly responsive and change back very quickly, may be that similar patterns can be employed.


If not what would people think of pedestrian bridges? It's the only other solution to easing congestion, but they are quite an eyesore.



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