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For those harbouring illusions about the Rt. Hon. Member for Birkenhead


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“The one thing that does not abide by majority rule is a person’s conscience†– Harper Lee


As the momentum grows towards the May elections we thought we’d start our series of Election Specials with a profile of the leading political figure on Wirral…or should we say the Master Puppeteer himself – Frank Field.

Field’s anti-poverty, anti-slavery,anti- global warming stance makes him sound like an ideal candidate for the Green Party – but as you will read further on he works to an entirely different agenda.Frank likes to be where the power is and preferably to be the one with the power and is anti-anyone who disagrees with him.



The Right Honourable Mr.Field has been MP for Birkenhead since 1979 and has one of the largest majorities in the country. However considering that he is a leading advocate for people taking responsibility he seems particularly averse to taking any responsibility for the poor quality of life in Birkenhead – preferring to run the town down rather than getting his mates at Wirral Council to run the place properly.



We are therefore asking you to take some time out and read this learned study of Field by our academic correspondent Professor G and give the motivations of our most prominent MP some further consideration.




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I'd urge everyone to visit Wirral Leaks and read this piece. The author is a guy called Julian Justice and for writing talent, he's out of my league and I strongly suspect he's in a very different league to his target The Right Honourable Frank Field.

This guy is one very talented writer and he can spot an idiot from afar which probably explains why he decided not to allow me to write for Wirral Leaks.

Seriously 'tappers', read this mans work. He's extraordinarily good and though the subject matter is The Wirral, much of his work could quite easily be about our clique of leaders who hold sway over all we have in Herefordshire.

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