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What are the rules on filming public meetings in Hereford?


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I recently wrote this blog post about possible changes to the filming of public meetings in my neck of the woods (Wirral).

When the changes were made last year to filming of local council meetings by the Openness of Local Government Bodies Regulations 2014 , these changes also applied to Hereford too. 

As I think my local Council has interpreted the law and new regulations incorrectly I'm keen to hear of how other councils reacted to the changes to see if any have such a bizarre interpretation of the guide and regulations as Wirral Council do. 

Did the local council in Hereford agree a policy or write any guidance on this matter (if so do you have a link)? Has anyone in Hereford tried to film a public meeting of their local council without problems?

I'm keen to find out. 

Thanks in advice. 

John Brace

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Herefordshire Council

Audit and Governance Committee

Wednesday 26 November 2014 10.00 am


To note the technical amendment required to the constitution, and approve a protocol to guide recording of public meetings.


Additional documents:

Appendix 1 - Draft Protocol re Recording at Public Meetings of the Council





intermetmedia are a local group producing videos within Herefordshire. It may be worth getting in contact with them.

Here is a council meeting they filmed at the end of last year.


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