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Council boss avoids child abuse report by ONE day and is paid off £600,000


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The compensation element of the pay off matches the figure that Bill Norman was grateful to pocket when he left Wirral Council i.e. £151,000.


The public can be reassured that a clean bill of health will be issued to enable this valuable public servant to pick up a suitable role elsewhere.  I'm sure Mr Norman would agree, middle age should be no bar to personal ambition, particularly when one has much value to offer to a sadistic, callous, bullying organisation like Herefordshire County Council.


Admittedly, a £450,000 pension for this lady will not be enough to scrape by on, or to satisfy the lifestyle demands typically enjoyed by the cream of the crop - those go-getters who are rightfully prized, courted and feted as 'the best' public servants.


Oh and failure to act on child abuse is neither here nor there; merely a footnote.  These things tend to happen when you're trying to harmonise a busy work / life schedule.

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At the very heart of all these horror stories that regularly come tumbling out from media outlets is that nowadays there is no public accountability. There is none. None whatsoever! We have absolutely no control of this group of people who've aligned themselves with Common Purpose.

Quite why we are in this predicament, I've no idea other than to suggest that 'they've' created the game, they've created the rules and it seems to me that they and only they enforce these rules. In the private sector, where life is harsh and there is no real chance of 'career' advancement, they'd be dismissed. There'd be none of this, that sees failure and incompetence rewarded by vast sums of public money and the golden opportunity to move elsewhere and do it all over and over again within some other public body.

As for this, this tale of woe, avarice and downright failure, it's of no surprise to me. It'll happen over and over again until some public authority refuses to play the game and takes the view that failure is not rewarded any longer.

Course, the rules don't apply for the lowly placed public servants. No such safe haven for them. They get thrown to the dogs so that 'they' who orchestrate this game can say, 'we demand the highest standards and we will not tolerate wrongdoing on our watch'.

Human behaviour is fairly predictable no matter where you are placed on the ladder of public service glory and wealth and if 'you've' been lucky enough to get your grasping hands upon a great big wedge of public cash, more than likely, you'll be happy to sanction another getting the same reward and the same glowingly and lovely testimonial that allows you to leave with your head held high and a bit of paper tucked inside your pocket that reads,'this person has transformed our lives because they were passionate about delivering positive outcomes to our service users in a robust manner.'

It's all a bag of rats!

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Councillors on the employment panel please be mindful that if this person turns up in Hereford and sits before you while you're passing the time of day on the interview panel, we don't want her here! Whilst we all appreciate she would make an execellent companion for Bill Norman and Peter Robinson we'd rather give her a swerve!

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Yes, that's what happened on Wirral.  It also happened in neighbouring #QuackCWaC.  It's also happening right across the length and breadth of the land and will continue to.


It's hard to derive any positives from these situations.  Although one does strike me right now.  I'm about to take my two girls swimming on a Tuesday afternoon and it's going to be brilliant.


If I hadn't been targetted for removal by director David Green at Wirral, and later by a collection of non-too clever directors at #QuackCWaC, I wouldn't be visiting the Guinea Gap bathing pool (where I actually learned to swim myself).  I'd be in front of a screen, doing my job, placing lighting columns in the optimum position to achieve the correct average illuminance on new building sites, etc. etc.


And keeping my head down; watching my boss and his mistress advancing their own prospects to the detriment of everybody else; watching others bend to his will (including senior managers); doing what I was told; drawing my salary and not rocking the boat.

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