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Council boss avoids child abuse report by ONE day and is paid off £600,000


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The compensation element of the pay off matches the figure that Bill Norman was grateful to pocket when he left Wirral Council i.e. £151,000.


The public can be reassured that a clean bill of health will be issued to enable this valuable public servant to pick up a suitable role elsewhere.  I'm sure Mr Norman would agree, middle age should be no bar to personal ambition, particularly when one has much value to offer to a sadistic, callous, bullying organisation like Herefordshire County Council.


Admittedly, a £450,000 pension for this lady will not be enough to scrape by on, or to satisfy the lifestyle demands typically enjoyed by the cream of the crop - those go-getters who are rightfully prized, courted and feted as 'the best' public servants.


Oh and failure to act on child abuse is neither here nor there; merely a footnote.  These things tend to happen when you're trying to harmonise a busy work / life schedule.

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I honestly thought that we'd stopped all this! We once sorted this out on the Hereford Times. We all agreed that 'double pressing the button' was a stain on the tapping community and it stopped.

Course, Mr Fancy Pants, our Paul Cardin has decided to press his button twice hasn't he. He ain't following the rules is he. Full of himself and certain that he can flout the rules and get away with it.

Well he can't. Have this!!!

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