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Rockfield DIY RIP


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DURING its projected lifespan, the temporary car park on the site of the former Rockfield DIY store, will earn the council in excess of £300,000.  A nice little earner, though a drop in the ocean compared to the sum the Wolversons banked.


So where goest all this wonga? I hear you cry.


Is it, perhaps, being invested in the forward planning of the much-vaunted Transport Hub?  Like the one which Bromsgrove will have next year, costing £17-million?  An all-singing, all-dancing, state-of-the-art structure, providing travellers with a stress-free interchange from one mode of transport to another?  Car-to-train; train-to-bus; bike-to-train; train-to-hire car? 


'Fraid not.  Apparently none of the above is currently under consideration by Herefordshire Council's blue sky strategists.  They've simply been told: 'Just bank the cash!'

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