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A distorted view of things!


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Course the problem we all have nowadays is the news isn't it. The media give us the news. They are the ones who control the way in which we discover what went on up our High Street and how we should react to it.

For example, some poor soul staggers around minding his own business and through no fault of his own, he gets completely flattened by a Concrete Mixer. It's a terrible thing isn't it. Getting flattened by a Concrete Mixer.

I wonder how you'd feel if you were able to know in advance that today you were going to get flattened by something large. Would you choose it to be a Concrete Mixer that did the flattening? Call me an odd sort, but out of all the heavy commercial vehicles available upon our roads, all very capable of flattening the life out of you, I don't think I'd pick out a Concrete Mixer to flatten me. Then again, it's all a matter of opinion isn't it. Me? I simply don't know which type of vehicle I'd wish to run over me and to be frank I'd rather not think about it if that's alright with you.

Course, it doesn't really matter does it because its highly unlikely you'd ever be told, 'today you will die and you'll be flattened by a Concrete Mixer'. If, for some odd reason I found this out about myself, I'd stay indoors. I would. I'd think, 'I'm not going out today thank you very much.' Mind you, if you stayed in doors hidden beneath the staircase and the Concrete Mixer suddenly came crashing through the wall and still managed to flatten you, I suppose you'd say, 'it was inevitable. I was going to get flattened today whether I liked it or not'.

But anyway, back to the death of this poor man who, minding his own business has managed to get flattened by a Concrete Mixer. The headline would of course be, 'Man minding his own business gets flattened by a Concrete Mixer'. That's pretty much what the media would report. It's all doom and gloom isn't it?

Course, they could have reported this tragic event very differently and given everyone a bit of a boost. Instead of 'Man, minding his own business gets flattened by a Concrete Mixer', if they wanted to and chose to cheer us all bloody up, they could have said, 'man minding his own business got flattened by a Concrete Mixer but luckily twenty six thousand good souls who were also minding their own business in the same street didn't get flattened by a Concrete Mixer. I know which one I'd prefer to read!

All I'm saying is lets have some balanced reporting on the facts. If the Council have wasted near on a million pound on a poorly procured IT system, let the headline read, 'The Council have not wasted two million pounds. They've only wasted a million pounds' which, when read, gives us all a boost muttering, 'that's good news. They could have wasted a lot more than they did'.

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Oooh! I just love a positive slant!


This could work both ways Bobby!


When some unfortunate soul falls behind with their council tax, instead of sending out letters threatening bailiffs and court action, wouldn't it be nice to receive instead a letter saying, "whilst you are £500 pounds in arrears,could we take this opportunity of thanking you for the £850 pounds you have paid."


Yes, a lovely positive outlook would go a long way!

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