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Police failing to record 20 per cent of crime - report


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The police are failing to record more than 700,000 offences - including cases of rape and serious sexual offences - according to the first official inquiry into crime reporting.



An inspection of 13 forces found 14 rapes were among offences not recorded by officers, including an allegation made by a 13-year-old autistic boy which was written off as "sexual experimentation".

Another rape was not recorded due to "workload pressure" as recording the crime would "entail too much work", the report by Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) has found.

The police watchdog also found some offenders have been issued with out-of-court disposals, such as cautions, when they should have been prosecuted.

'Unethical behaviour'

Inspectors said they could not rule out "discreditable or unethical behaviour" on the part of officers for the failure rate. The Home Secretary Theresa May said the report exposed "unacceptable failings by the police" and warned that once HMIC concludes its work in October, official figures may show a spike in police recorded crime.

Channel 4 News

Seems we have found out why the crime figures are down! 


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I would suggest that this has been going on for years , probably since Sgt Dixon was on the Front Desk - the PC who attended the"crime" did not "Crime" the incident because they did not want to upset the Detective Sgt who would suggest a number of reasons why they should not issue a Crime Number for the incident . Lost Property - false insurance claim - never happened - the list is endless...

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