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Debut author needs help

Audrina Lane

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Where did your Heart go? My debut novel has been chosen as one of the ground breaking novels to participate in a new revolutionary imprint Britain’s Next Bestseller. Britain’s Next Bestseller has a simple mission – to shake up the way the publishing industry works. “We want to give authors a new, fairer way to get published without relying on literary agents, traditional publishers or selfâ€publishing houses. We want to empower readers so they can decide the books that get published. The books they want to read! Readers get a great deal too… search out and support my novel Where did your Heart go? And get your name printed in every edition of the book, along with a copy of the book 2 weeks before public release.†If there are any book shops in the area who would be interested in a larger order then I am able to offer discounts and also be available for a free book signing session too.


Where did your Heart go? Is the first book in the Heart Trilogy? It is a nostalgic, bittersweet novel about 1st love. The main character Stephanie first falls in love with James back in 1988. She is currently a single mum to her daughter Charlotte in 2012. We see 1988 in diary entries which Stephanie shares with her daughter as she struggles to cope with the failure of her first relationship. At the same time Stephanie relives those feelings and emotions that she has always struggled to forget and wonder if she will ever find the courage to love again? As Charlotte falls in love with dancer Mitchell a strange twist will help the two of them remove the haunted look from Stephanie’s eyes.


My novel is set in Herefordshire and I'm appealing to all those in the local area to get behind me in having the chance to become a published author and at the same time give some much needed publicity to the local area. Also if I'm lucky enough to reach the target of 250 pre-orders I will receive some free copies of the book which I will be donating to the Library Service in Herefordshire.


To read a excerpt of the novel and to pre-order your copy visit www.britainsnextbestseller.co.uk To pre-order you need to join the site but if you have any problems with this then please get back to me. Also no money will be taken until the end of the promotion period and if you allow your name to be seen on the supporters list I am also happy to refund you the p&p costs saving you £2.50!! You can keep in touch with me via my website www.audrinalane.co.uk or on Twitter and Facebook.


If there are any other local authors or budding authors out there then I would be more than happy to offer friendship, help and support too. I'm currently working on the sequel called Un-break my Heart.

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