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Councillors Responses To Lights Out Trial

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Afternoon Colin!


Are you intending to send out a "reminder" to those councillors who haven't responded??


There are a quite a few whose response I am looking forward to reading!!


I will speak with John Harrington later and see what he intends to do because he sent the original letter out but yes a reminder may be required or maybe another brief letter explaining that all of the Councillors replies are being published, that may force a response or not as the case maybe.


The Lord Mayor, Cllr Phil Edwards also asked if a letter of support from the Mayors office would help,(at the meeting) we all agreed that it would, so I wrote to him last week for this letter and I have had a disappointing reply so far but I have written back, so I will publish those replies once I have his full correspondence. 

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Why is there no technology in place that all traffic lights @ a given junction cannot communicate with the other traffic lights @ that junction so as when there's no traffic passing through the other traffic light would know it was safe to change to green!! Is this not the 21st century??

There is Cambo it's called a SCOOT system and we have it installed in Hereford but it does not work even though Herefordshire Council pay the highways agency over "20,000 a year for its upkeep 

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Actually an FOI request produced answers from the Highways Agency that traffic entering from the south has reduced by 3% so, first of all most of the city traffic as we should already know is city generrated, and secondly, the pinch points would seem to be a large part of the increase in congestion too.


I am pleased to see the support expressed by some opposition councillors on this thread now, having first been very discouraged by the selective amnesia of some other councillors who were present. As pointed out by Colin, only one councillor actually appeared to throw his toys out of the pram (very unprofessional) but also slightly alarmed by another councillor still driving around who apparently couldn't see the temporary lights half way round the Edgar Street roundabout, when they were causing so much mayhem (kind of raises question marks on whether he should be driving at all).


As for traffic flows, cities with a much higher traffic flows are now successfully ripping the lights out. All we are asking at present is for the micro simulation which will not cost Hereford people (or Council) a penny.


I would echo the words of our MP that Edgar Street "should retain the feel of a 'street' rather than a highway."


... and by the way neither Newmarket Street or Widemarsh Street are shared space ....

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