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Max Clifford ~ PR Guru


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Jury has been deliberating for over a day now .... 


Banksy style stuff has appeared as he's in the news ...


If he gets cleared then he has been ridiculed and financially penalised ... So he is on a loser straight away! 


System is strange! 

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Authorities currently want to drag out more complaints via initial publicity ... So they can throw the whole sink at the defendant ... Multiple charges .... Multiple victims ... They basically want to stack up as many similar shaky moans as they can because there is basically nothing you can gather evidence wise about a 40 year old moan. Other than the moan itself. 

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What a shocker! I thought this was my old history teacher at first glance!!


This isn't a genuine Banksy, though is it??


Banksy Website


I do admire the artist for all the intrigue he creates ... He seems to have a total plan for where he is going to do a piece and there seems a context to the artwork ... 


I doubt the pic I linked is his tho! ...

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After 12 hrs 45 mins pondering on this one the jury was sent home at 3.30 pm for Easter. Back on Tuesday to resume.


I think they do less hours than teachers in these Courts as it started at 10 am and there was an hour off for lunch! 

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The 10 jury members have been been sent home after deliberating for 4 days. Back tomorrow for day 5 ...


What is a majority verdict?

The minimum majority for a 12-person jury is 10. So if out of 12 jurors, 10 vote to acquit – and the judge has indicated he will accept a majority verdict – then a verdict can be returned. If only 9 out of the 12 jurors sought to acquit, no majority has been reached.

If – as in the Max Clifford case – the jury has been reduced from the original number of 12 jurors, the majority numbers will then be 10 to 1 (in an 11 person jury) or 9 to 1 (in a 10 person jury). A jury cannot consist of less than 9 jurors and therefore if for some reason the jury has lost 3 of their number and only 9 are left, they don’t have the option of a majority verdict and the court can only accept unanimous verdicts.



Analysis of the jury process

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Judge Anthony Leonard has told the jury in the Max Clifford indecent assault trial that they can return a majority verdict of 9-1.

The ten-strong jury had been deliberating for five days at Southwark Crown Court before being given the direction today (April 23).

Two jurors were previously discharged during the trial.

Clifford, 71, from Surrey, has been tried on 11 counts of indecent assault against seven women and girls, aged between 14 and 19.


Digital Spy 


Into Day Six Tomorrow ... 

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Jurors in the trial of celebrity publicist Max Clifford have failed to reach verdicts after a seventh day of deliberations. A panel of six men and four women have been considering 11 counts of indecent assault for about 35 hours at Southwark crown court in London. They will return on Monday to resume deliberations.


The court has heard claims that Clifford has a "micro-penis" measuring two and a half inches when erect, while one woman told the court the publicist's penis was "enormous". A doctor measured Clifford's penis at an "average" five and a quarter inches long when flaccid, the jury has been told.




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Max Clifford poses for the media before the jury returns guilty verdicts on eight counts of indecent assault. Photograph: Matt Dunham/AP


Max Clifford found guilty of indecently assaulting teenage girls

Millionaire publicist manipulated women and girls into performing sex acts with promises he would introduce them to showbiz stars

The publicist Max Clifford has been found guilty of eight charges of indecent assault against women and girls as young as 15 by a jury at Southwark crown court in London.

Clifford, 71, was convicted following a six-week trial that exposed the "terrible, festering secret" that he was a paedophile who bullied and manipulated teenage girls into performing sex acts.

After deliberating for 32 hours, jurors found Clifford guilty of eight counts of indecent assault between 1977 and 1985.

He was found not guilty of two other charges of indecent assault. The jury could not decide on one further count.

Clifford was granted conditional bail but told by the judge that that should not be taken as an indication of the sentence that would be passed on Friday.

The Guardian

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Max Clifford sentenced to eight years' jail for indecently assaulting four girls


Publicist found guilty of eight charges of indecent assault against women and girls as young as 15 between 1977 and 1985

The celebrity publicist Max Clifford has been sentenced to eight years in jail for indecently assaulting four teenage girls.

Clifford is the first public figure to be jailed under Scotland Yard's Operation Yewtree inquiry into sexual offences stretching back five decades.

The sentence, of which the 71-year-old is expected to serve half, seals the downfall of a man who had been instrumental in some of the most high profile tabloid scoops of the last few decades.

The PR man stood in the glass-fronted dock as his sentence was passed down by the judge, Anthony Leonard. When he finished speaking, Clifford removed his hearing loop and turned and smiled at his supporters in the public gallery, some of whom were in tears, before he was led to the court cells and into custody.


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