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Protecting the vulnerable within our society.


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Our colleague, Councillor Chris Chappell has been appointed 'champion' for our fellow citizens who are disabled because of Learning Disability.

This is really good news for those of us who understand this issue and I know that this appointment is an excellent one and one which will provide a great deal of comfort to Moms, Dads, Siblings and Carers who devote their lives to caring and providing love and support.

Having been the recipient of his biting teeth, I am confident that our Chris Chappell will fight, bite and snarl to protect those less fortunate than you and I and I congratulate him on this appointment and wish him luck during the forthcoming months which will require a great deal of challenging decisions to ensure we provide the proper care for those who have this disability.

For my part, if there is anything that I can do to assist and help Councillor Chappell in this role, I'll do all I can to support him and his colleagues. Congratulations Mr Chappell.

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