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May Fair Pay Herefordshire Council £50,000

Hereford Voice

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Photograph courtesy of Jon Simpson

Following a 'Freedom Of Information' request made by Hereford Voice we can now outline the costs the Showman's Guild (May Fair) pay to Herefordshire Council (flat fees) for the duration of the May Fair in both 2022 and 2023 Hereford and Leominster;

  • Hereford - £43,000
  • Leominster - £7,000
  • Total £50,000

The prices are paid are for each year 20220/2023 - £100,000 in total.

The Showman’s Guild do not pay for the removal of street furniture.

In 2022 the costs for the temporary relocation of street furniture and their return was £8,331.88. The costs of this for 2023 are not yet known at the time of writing. The cost associated with the removal of street furniture is always paid via the Public Realm contract. 


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  • Hereford Voice changed the title to May Fair Pay Herefordshire Council £50,000

Seems like a fair price both to the Showmans Guild and also for the the significant overheads in moving all the planters of which there is too many and which the public had no say over. Another one of Harrington's babies that he has now departed from having any responsibility over, but the costly legacy of having to move them each year remains.

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