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Concerns Over Use Of Drones In SouthWye

Hereford Voice

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Residents particularly in SouthWye have seen a big increase in the use of drones in the area. If you have a drone then please read the advice here from West Mercia Police;


Use of Drones

Dear All, 

After a rise in incidents relating to the use of drones within the Southside Area, we hope this message will outline some of the rules relating to drones.

The UK’s drone rules are based on the risk of the flight – where you fly, the proximity to other people, and the size and weight of your drone.

Rules surrounding public drone use.

Persons flying drones need to follow the drone and model aircraft code. Some of the key rules are:

• Never fly higher than 120m / 400ft 

• Always keep the drone in sight 

• Keep clear of airspace restrictions, including around aerodromes, unless you have permission to fly within them 

• Keep 50m away from uninvolved people, to avoid endangering them 

• In most cases, unless flying a drone that is less than 250g, persons must keep at least 150 metres horizontally away from parks, industrial, residential and built-up areas

All of the rules also apply if flying at night.

If a person’s drone weighs less than 250g then they may overfly a small number of people for a short period of time. But, if they have a heavier drone, or want to fly near or over people for longer periods then it’s most likely they will fall into the Specific category of regulations and may well need a special approval from the Civil Aviation Authority. This may allow them to fly in congested areas and closer to people.

Registration and flyer ID

If the person’s drone has a camera (unless it is a toy) or weighs 250g or more then they need to register with the CAA. They need to renew this registration every year. 

Anyone flying a drone 250g or more needs to pass a test and get a flyer ID from the CAA.

Minimum age to fly

In most cases you must be at least 12 years old to fly a drone on your own*. 

You can fly if you are under 12, but you must be supervised by someone 16 or over and both of you must have passed the flyer ID test.

Labelling your drone or model aircraft

Persons must label every drone or model aircraft they’re responsible for with their Operator ID. Operators will use the same Operator ID for all their drones or model aircraft. 

Operators can find their Operator ID in a confirmation email or online.

Further advice and information around drones can be found by visiting the CAA HERE

Drone code can be downloaded below;




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