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Sir Bill Wiggin MP responds to Home Office plan to house asylum seekers in Three Counties Hotel

Hereford Voice

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Following the 'Breaking News' article from Hereford Voice 👉 https://bit.ly/Hfd3Counties and also on our Facebook page here https://bit.ly/hc3chotel that the Three Counties Hotel in Hereford is going to be used to house asylum seekers, Sir Bill Wiggin, Member of Parliament for North Herefordshire, has called on the Government to remove the Permanent Secretary at the Home Office.

The Government has promised to pass new laws to swiftly detain and remove illegal migrants. 

However a Bill has still not been brought before the Commons.


Sir Bill Wiggin said,

“The recent incident in Knowsley shows that the criminal gangs and people traffickers who are exploiting illegal immigrants are exposing these people to the kind of horrible violence that we have seen.

“Filling hotels in England with illegal migrants is encouraging extreme right-wing groups and putting police officers at risk.

“I will not accept it in Herefordshire.

“In addition to meetings that I have had today I have also recently met with the Prime Minister and so I know that stopping the boats is his number one priority, as it is mine.

“So I wonder why this Bill is being held up.

“I will support the Government and this Bill wholeheartedly but in the meantime genuine asylum seekers are being let down.”

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