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POSITIVE HEREFORD | £5,000 Awarded to Yeleni Therapy and Support

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£5,000 Awarded to Yeleni Therapy and Support


Hereford City Council awarded £5,000 to Yeleni Therapy and Support, to help them meet increasing demand in supporting those who have undergone treatment for cancer.

Yeleni Therapy & Support is a complementary therapy & Reiki training centre, plus a charity providing free therapy sessions to anyone at any age, with any cancer at any stage in Herefordshire and surrounding counties. Yeleni is also open to the general public. At Yeleni they have a wide range of therapies available in their warm and welcoming therapy rooms. If you have aches and pains, suffer with conditions like anxiety or insomnia or simply need to talk to someone, the staff at Yeleni are there to help.

The group is seeking to expand their activities to offer services to people of any age, with any type of cancer and at any stage of the disease. They offer a range of complimentary therapies which are particularly valued for their capacity to reduce harmful side effects of the aggressive chemo and radio therapies that are used to attack cancers. Often people come when they have got well into treatment or even after a course, as side effects can build up and continue after a course. Completion of therapy can often be a crisis point.

The service is very much client-led, with each patient having a key worker. With Haven having closed down, 77 new patients have come in with breast cancer, and the temporary funding the group had during the COVID-19 pandemic has now ceased. Just over 50% of clients come from within the City, and there is also an online advice and support service. On average there are about 1,300 new cancer cases in the county every year and about one third of all people will get cancer in their lifetime.

Hereford City Council agreed to support Yeleni Therapy and Support with a grant of £5,000, helping to provide a means for the continuation of this vital service.


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