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  1. twowheelsgood

    Cllr. Paul Rone 'Seek Before You Speak'

    I would have thought a (former) councillor would at least have the correct election date to hand - Thursday 2 May - or is something else coming on 19 May?!
  2. twowheelsgood

    Herefordshire Council Contracts

    They've made a start, changing a perfectly good green sign for an orange one. Wonder how many meetings that took.
  3. twowheelsgood

    Polly Andrews

    Blueschool House is in her ward and she supported the scheme at planning. She has been uncharacteristically silent on the subsequent ongoing and unresolved scandal of the £1m/100% overspend. She is one of many who have long overstayed their welcome, such as it was, and we can only hope that 2 May is her last day in the job. Unfortunately, the Council is so tainted by mis-management and corruption that the chances of decent up standing citizens coming forward to serve their community must be rather compromised.
  4. Most if not all of our Council tips are now privately run as part of the 25 year integrated waste management PFI contract with Worcestershire County Council and Spanish owned Urbaser.
  5. twowheelsgood

    Herefordshire Council Contracts

    Urbaser are Spanish owned, so tens of millions of pounds of UK council tax payers money is leaving the country instead of being put back into the local economy, much as happened with the disastrous Amey contract Herefordshire Council took on, Amey being a subsidiary of Spanish company Ferrovial. I'm not sure Herefordshire Council are involved in the Javelin Park facility in Gloucester, but they certainly are up to their necks (in debt) to the PFI Severn Waste one at Evesham (where Herefordshire waste is driven to) and the 25 year integrated waste management PFI contract with Worcestershire County Council (both schemes run by, you guessed, Urbaser). Are Councillors getting cheap holidays in the sun?
  6. twowheelsgood

    First University academic building plans

    I see that Architype have been bumped off the former Boys Home scheme next door in favour of Quattro Design Architects of Gloucester, presumably to 'value engineer' it. There is some hope then that this absurd manifestation will not go ahead, especially as September is barely 9 months away and there is no sign of any work starting on site. Given they're no requisitioning the Robert Owen buildings, will it even be needed, in the short term at least?
  7. twowheelsgood

    Herefordshire Council Contracts

    Priority Space Ltd comprises three chartered surveyors with 66 directorships between them but only £51 of capital and reserves and £21k of assets to front a £6m development ... you really HAVE to ask how much due diligence has been done by our very expensive council officers!
  8. twowheelsgood

    Taste of Raj raided today

    3 is not 'quite good' in my view - it's 60% or, looking at it another way, a 4 in 10 chance you'll get food poisoning, as a friend did a little while ago at Jalsagor. I value my health too much and avoid anything with less than a 100% score - there's no reason for the establishment not to achieve it, other than stupidity and/or greed, and either way they don't deserve my money.
  9. twowheelsgood

    Taste of Raj raided today

    Not surprisingly, it is not even that safe to eat at, and I doubt many of these illegals have done their food hygiene training: Jalsagor Restaurant was awarded a Food Hygiene Rating of 3 (Generally Satisfactory) by Herefordshire Council on 6th November, 2018. Food Hygiene and Safety Fair Structural Compliance Fair Confidence in Management Some
  10. twowheelsgood

    Taste of Raj raided today

    To quote Brenda from Bristol "You're joking, not ANOTHER one!". Time to close it down.
  11. twowheelsgood

    Plans to demolish the Broadleys Pub!

    According to the HT from 2014, "Herefordshire Council owns the freehold for Maylord which is worth more than £33k a year in rent." I recall that they originally had a share in the development along with original developers Norwich Union, both of whom subsequently sold out.
  12. twowheelsgood

    HC Social Care Fiascoes

    Hard to say anything about these cases other than they're truly appalling, even more so that the abuse, for that it was it amounts to, has gone on for 10 years in the one case. According to the HT, "council officers will today brief councillors 'in secret' about two recent fiascos affecting the county’s children’s services". It must surely be the case that those responsible for ruining these children's lives and mentally scarring them for life have to be brought to book. Jumping ship to another authority and just carrying on isn't acceptable.
  13. twowheelsgood

    Volvo Crashed Into St Nicholas Church Wall

    Perhaps they were taking the red 'Join us' sign too literally ...
  14. twowheelsgood

    Could fewer bins mean less litter?

    But that arrangement requires a strong 'client side' management from council officers who (should) have a wider overview on how the service fits into the wider delivery of council services and councillor requirements. Unfortunately, that's where it falls over - we pay for the best, but really, what are we getting? The system clearly is not working - BBLP focus appears to be on high value/high profit work and routine maintenance is constantly pushed back, creating larger problems down the road, so to speak. Councillor Summers spoke last week about about poor security at the flagship Skylon Park and cited the graffiti on the Greenway as an indication of this - as I said above, I've reported it, but nothing happens. When left, it becomes the start of a rapid decline into vandalism and anti-social behaviour.
  15. twowheelsgood

    Could fewer bins mean less litter?

    Staggering - and how much did this 'study' cost us? No doubt councillors, many of whom will be beginning to stir from their extended hibernation to emerge in time for the elections next May, will roll over and quietly let this through, as they seem to do for most things. Actually getting BBLP to do anything is increasingly frustrating - it took me two months of nagging to get offensive graffiti removed from the Greenway bridge - the Council website says it will be done within 24 hours. Other graffiti has just been left. I waited nearly 3 months for a street light on busy pedestrian route to be fixed. I've reported numerous blocked gullies, none of which have been cleared. So it goes on and on, no one in charge cares, too busy shuffling job titles to notice BBLP trousering tens of millions of our money for very little perceivable benefit.