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  1. Roger

    WMP and Warwickshire Police Alliance

    This seems to be about interest free 'car loans' WMP has historically plowed many an hour into investigating itself.
  2. Roger

    WMP and Warwickshire Police Alliance

    The soundbites from Campion and Bangham are all very well and good. But there is no detail about why being in bed with Warks went sour. It will obviously be a money issue but there is no explanation about why it is more cost effective to split.
  3. On a sub note Mila on Belmont Road was discussed on 5 September by The Council about shifting the licence. It was refused after a highly secretive session. Details redacted. This is very time consuming and costly to chase these dodgy enterprises.
  4. Roger

    Herefordshire Council Elections May 2019

    I actively watch politics. I voted for an independent last time. Both independent candidates were very unconvincing if I'm honest. And I'd never heard of either of them before they knocked on my door. Brian Wilcox got in.
  5. These people don't give a toss about our laws. I don't know what time the International Foods case was in court today but my 'informant' (who I have spoken to personally) went in there at 12.30 PM today and bought a pouch of illegal cheap tobacco. The shutters were then seen to come down at 1 PM. So they were kicking the arse out of it right until the bitter end. As suggested by Ubique it is a cast iron guarantee that these shops will carry on their operations using different methods.
  6. Roger

    WMP and Warwickshire Police Alliance

    Well ..... Where do you start on this one? ..... WMP will bear all reasonable costs of the breakup . Warwickshire say £35M has been saved already due to the alliance. Bangham is saying the breakup will improve services in Herefordshire and Worcestershire (but the quote doesn't mention improvement for Shropshire). Apparently this improved service can be provided after the divorce payment to Warks has been made. A sort of Brexit Mark #2 !
  7. WMP have now issued a fairly comprehensive update on their website about the raids ~ with video's showing the sophisticated concealment methods at both shops. Also they report that a significant amount of 'out of date' food was found on the shelves at Zabka. Which could suggest that far from being a proper food shop it's primarily an illegal tobacco operation with just window dressing on the shelves to make it look like it's primarily a food shop.
  8. I thought it was 3 months but it's fairly irrelevant as I've never heard of one being used in Hereford. If we focus on Zabka, a serial offence location, then who is the actual owner of the shop? Is it a Landlord? If so who is it? How long have they owned the shop? If the owner is a Landlord is it sufficient to get a new tenant in who has got a clean record and accept them at face value that they won't sell dodgy tobacco ~ when all the previous, similar, tenants did? All very unclear. There is woefully inadequate reassurance from the Police/Council that they are looking at the bigger picture. That they are looking at shop ownership. That they are looking to seek shop closures. Just busting the person at the bottom of the food chain every few weeks is not working.
  9. I really can't keep up with this cat and mouse game. The next applicant for a booze licence at this, or another dodgy shop, will be fronted up as someone who has a 'clean' history. There is an endless supply of people the regulatory sub committee can't find evidence to refuse!
  10. I'll take you at your word for that and will await the official press release. But this is very time consuming stuff. There seems to be a merry go round of raids and court cases ~ months down the line for the court result where the fine doesn't even dent the profits made between the raids. Then it's musical chairs shifting the next shop stooge in. There is no deterrent to hinder this activity!
  11. It has been pointed out many a time on this website that a Polish shop sign doesn't remotely mean that it's run/owned by by Polish people. The locals aren't fooled. The Police aren't fooled and the Council aren't fooled. There is a common theme when the next person fronted up to take the hit actually gets busted. They don't give a Hereford address to the Court. It's usually a Birmingham type address. So what we have is serious organised criminals operating a satellite operation in Hereford or Ross or wherever. They have either saturated the area where they've come from or they can't operate there because it's someone else's territory. It's a very similar business model to the illegal drug racket.
  12. I would also add that when there is such an obvious trend then legislation should be changed. to allow 'spot raids'. With no intelligence gathered. Also an an intensive investigation into whether the offender has passed EVERY hurdle to stay in the UK. Just being born here is not cutting it anymore.
  13. Roger

    Cigerette litter

    They can certainly ask for details. How enforceable that is with an uncooperative customer is a bit vague. In practice. https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2005/16/section/7
  14. There is an obvious trend here. Serious organised crime on an ongoing basis at the same shop. If they raided the shop every month they would probably get the same result!
  15. Roger

    Cigerette litter

    The enforcement agency is The local Council generally. It's well documented how they (various Councils) home in on the smallest item of litter possible. Usually patrolling in dark clothing ~ with a bodycam of course. Hiding behind street furniture so as to catch someone dropping a fragment of something. Usually a crisp dropped from a pram. Or some old fella dropping a dog end. Constables can enforce virtually anything, litter included, but I think that litter angle went out of the window some time ago!