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  1. Roger

    Polly Andrews

    She made the Daily Mail for 5 minutes. Her quotes seemed to reflect stuff from her distant memory. She can be voted out next time she is up for Election. I did look up how long she has been in post. Since 1996 was the answer I found.
  2. Roger

    Not another one

    Retail is struggling. A restaurant in a unit is better than no occupation. By the way .... I needed an item today ..... To replace something that failed to work anymore. I just went to Amazon and ordered a replacement with one click. No trudging around town searching for anything. It will arrive as if by magic!
  3. The Council Policy is clearly (badly) being run to exclude Commercial Waste Disposal. They will be wrongly pedantic as and when. I doubt 'Tim' has 100% absorbed the rules' he's enforcing.
  4. Roger

    The Genius Of The EU and Stupidity Of People.

    The EU are trying to equalise Europe. Redistribution of wealth to get Members on the same economic page. The backdrop is trying to form a block of Countries to thwart Putin.
  5. Roger

    The Genius Of The EU and Stupidity Of People.

    Just for information: Jesse Norman MP backed the TM deal. Bill Wiggin MP voted against.
  6. Roger

    The Genius Of The EU and Stupidity Of People.

    I agree with the starter post. As a net money contributor to the EU the UK has effectively built a whole new road network in Poland. Whilst our roads fall apart because of a lack of cash. The Govt. lost on TM's deal tonight. 230 vote net loss. The usual MP agitators were then out asking for a 'peoples' vote again. They want to 'farm out' the decision. Away from the so called experts (them). And back to the peasants. The so called thicko's who got it 'wrong' last time. How could the establishment frame a new question? Obviously it could not contain an option to vote for the toxic May deal. It obviously could not contain an option to 'Leave'. As Parliament has made it unofficially clear that an exit abiding by the vote (Leaving) is not an option. So I suggest that we now have a new Referendum with the Only option left available. A single question Referendum: 'Do you want to remain in the European Union.' Obviously any spoiled, or defaced ballot papers' would be declared as 'void'.
  7. Roger

    Hereford twinned with Polish City Jaworzno

    Why is someone trying to link Hereford with Jaworzno as opposed to somewhere else? I'm not aware of any underlying long term connection.
  8. The Maxii Mini Mart has an alcohol licence application in the system at the moment. They may need to amend their paperwork in light of this bust. There is a conveyor belt of 'clean' names that can be fronted up to run these shops for an alcohol licence if a bust takes place. You don't need a licence to sell legitimate tobacco. I'm just waiting for the latest development with 'International Foods' after their recent 3 month shutdown.
  9. Roger

    Taste of Raj raided today

    I went to the Mary Gold on Union Street on Christmas Eve. For a take out. Cheap as chips. They have no registered rating on the food hygiene website. I never got ill. But I wasn't on my hands and knees in their kitchen checking for mouse droppings prior to my order. Striking off any eaterie with less than 5* is a bit utopian in my opinion. And unrealistic!
  10. Roger

    Taste of Raj raided today

    3 is quite good. Thai on Wye on West Street has a Zero rating. Inspection was Sept. 2018. The Grapes has a rating of 1. Date of inspection Sept. 2018. As far as I understand it a Zero rating doesn't result in closure. When it probably should. Ratings can easily be accessed on the Food Standards Agency web page.
  11. Roger

    Taste of Raj raided today

    There is a permanent trend here. Same intelligence. Same venues.
  12. Roger


    Most people can differentiate between graffiti and 'Art'. ..... https://www.amazon.co.uk/Banksy-Mysterious-Phone-Poster-Sizes-A4/dp/B0176HZ0TU
  13. Roger

    Brexit Is Finished.

    Backstop. Much has been written about this. Post Brexit the amount of smuggling over an invisible border in Ireland would be minimal compared to the current smuggling allowed via Dover. Where the trade checks have been removed as we are in the EU. That's why all the dodgy tobacco arrives in the Hereford shops! What is the Major Problem that would occur if the UK made a no deal exit and there were no visible border checks in Ireland? On the UK/Ireland border?
  14. Roger

    Butter Market gets Alcohol Licence

    “Can I be assured that, as the licensing designated premises supervisor, that in future you will take hold of Facebook and Twitter to ensure the reputation of the Butter Market?" The quote doesn't actually identify who was being spoken to. Also the DPS is being asked for an assurance that he/she will hold Social Media Companies to account. Which is something Parliament has tried, and failed to do. Very surreal comments, and expectations, coming from The Council! They clearly have no grip of reality!
  15. Roger

    Christmas Dinner

    We're going to the Bunch Of Carrots for Christmas dinner. Dec. 25. My wife has cooked 36 Christmas dinners' in a row and she needs a break!