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  1. Roger


    Most people can differentiate between graffiti and 'Art'. ..... https://www.amazon.co.uk/Banksy-Mysterious-Phone-Poster-Sizes-A4/dp/B0176HZ0TU
  2. Roger

    Brexit Is Finished.

    Backstop. Much has been written about this. Post Brexit the amount of smuggling over an invisible border in Ireland would be minimal compared to the current smuggling allowed via Dover. Where the trade checks have been removed as we are in the EU. That's why all the dodgy tobacco arrives in the Hereford shops! What is the Major Problem that would occur if the UK made a no deal exit and there were no visible border checks in Ireland? On the UK/Ireland border?
  3. Roger

    Butter Market gets Alcohol Licence

    “Can I be assured that, as the licensing designated premises supervisor, that in future you will take hold of Facebook and Twitter to ensure the reputation of the Butter Market?" The quote doesn't actually identify who was being spoken to. Also the DPS is being asked for an assurance that he/she will hold Social Media Companies to account. Which is something Parliament has tried, and failed to do. Very surreal comments, and expectations, coming from The Council! They clearly have no grip of reality!
  4. Roger

    Christmas Dinner

    We're going to the Bunch Of Carrots for Christmas dinner. Dec. 25. My wife has cooked 36 Christmas dinners' in a row and she needs a break!
  5. That will melt before you even get it under a tree! I'm on about 'gifts'. Not stuff you may do up to a Month before the day! Unless you are putting ice cream in a freezer as a present. Which would be a very odd gift!
  6. What festive gifts are Forum Members' buying in Commercial Street this year?
  7. Roger

    Christmas Bin Collections 2018

    Previously a similar situation arose where a voided BH collection was rescheduled to the next scheduled collection day. A collection that was happening anyway. So no bin emptied for a Month. I can't remember the colour of the bin but the way it was presented as a 'favour' was disingenuous. It was just a totally binned collection. So that's why I commented on it.
  8. Roger


    As soon as ANYTHING comes up for purchase (that is worth buying) private enterprise will buy it. Just look at London. Who has bought large chunks of that? Yup ..... Russia .... Saudi .... or whoever! It's a not so secret invasion occurring in plain sight! No need for missiles or tanks'. Just get the cheque book out!
  9. My Green Bin collection falls on a Wednesday which is Boxing Day. Obviously not much Public Service activity on that day. It has been moved to Saturday 29.12.18. Fair play. That is good service.
  10. I was at B+Q today. Picking up a 'click and collect' item. The traffic was horrendous on those service roads'! My gut feeling is that this is a wrong location for a Police hub. It is totally in the middle of nowhere. It might service the financial constraints but in no way does it service physical demand from the Public. But I suppose everything is internet based now. So Campion may think that the location is irrelevant.
  11. Roger

    Brexit Is Finished.

    I think this has all been a charade for 2 years. Running down the clock and carefully managing the expectations of the British Public. A text book attempt to convince people they were out of their minds'/ill informed/too stupid to vote the preferred (and £9M funded leaflet) Establishment way last time. A massive damage limitation exercise to negate a vote result that the UK 'system' never wanted or planned for has been played out for 2 years and everyone can see it! I wan't 'NO DEAL'. TM's plan will lose NI and Gibraltar somewhere down the line as the Brussels mob are all over the sneaky detail to ambush the UK over time.
  12. Roger

    Morrisons car park

    Had a parking 'fine' from Parking Eye yesterday. Alleging our car was parked for 23 hours from 5.30PM 17.11.18 until 2.45PM 18.11.18 in the Morrison's car park in Hereford. The A4 sheet outlining the fine had two grainy photo's which appeared genuine. But the information/photo's never had the photo's of my car leaving at about 5.50PM on 17.11.18 and then entering again at about 2.30PM on 18.11.18. I went down to Morrison's straight away and spoke to 'Heather' at the customer services desk who appeared totally unsurprised by my complaint. She said the ticket would be cancelled. I think the issue is with the traffic light phasing in the adjacent roads' ~ that mean cars' tailgate into the car park and tailgate out. Which obviously makes the enforcement regime difficult when you are relying on camera's clocking a plate that might be obscured by the car in front or from behind.
  13. Roger

    Commercial Road Graveyard - Venns Arch

    All of this debate is fairly pointless unless we have details about the person in the tent.
  14. Roger

    Brexit Is Finished.

    This fudge is kicking the 'can' down the road. To be sorted out later. It's just not acceptable. The only thing that will focus the EU main Members' is 'No Deal'. I know that will lead to chaos in Kent but the EU machine has only one mission. To justify it's own existence.
  15. Roger

    Black Smoke Over Hereford

    It's been pouring out black smoke for a few days ......