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  1. Concerns for Hereford Motorcycle Legend Bob Gallier

    This guy is a Hereford legend as your have already stated, he is clearly in a difficult place right now, lets hope that they find him safe and well.
  2. Driving Test Fee Funded by Herefordshire Council

    This will be handy for my niece who is taking lessons right now thanks for the info
  3. 75 years! This seems a long time, is this a normal amount of time?
  4. Cyclists on Footpaths!

    So it is illegal (in most cases) to ride a cycle on a footpath yet you can climb on it to ride across a pedestrian crossing? That will only encourage cyclist to keep ring on the footpaths once they have crossed surely? What is the point of this?? Cyclists should NOT be riding their bikes on footpaths at all!
  5. Accident in Whitecross Road Hereford

    I have been stuck in the traffic for almost an hour
  6. Ice & Snow - Take it Slow

    You see what happens when I assume too lol
  7. Ice & Snow - Take it Slow

    Well the bus driver could of been on his/her way back from a trip and could of been driving before the snow started, you know what they say about assumptions... :) But yes generally do not need to go out in their vehicles in this weather unless it is a must.
  8. Cyclists on Footpaths!

    I saw this bloke nearly knock over a woman, didnt even stop
  9. New Signage In Hereford

    I just noticed these new signs today, all looking very clean and smart I must say.
  10. Parking Meters In Hereford

    I could not find a parking bay free in town ended up parking in St Martins Street, this was 40 minutes ago at 11am
  11. Hereford City Link Road Video

    Jesus how confusing is this? It looks like a lot of this is one way around the city. So if your coming down Barrs Court Road you cannot turn right over the bridge into the city centre? What is that all about? I can see many people doing U Turns once they have turned left towards Aylestone Hill.
  12. Cyclists on Footpaths!

    I might get one of these to ride on the pavement :) I wonder if that is acceptable too? This is no different to an electric bike and there are loads of those around and they are becoming more and more popular.