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  1. K.Butt

    Commercial Road Graveyard - Venns Arch

    There are plenty of places to pitch a tent around this city and a grave yard is most definitely not one of them! I understand that this person has been offered alternative accommodation and as is often the case, they refused help.
  2. The city council have done a really good job here in restoring this treasured memorial and installing a bench. I notice that Polly Andrews claims in her newsletter that she was not informed about the decision to place this bench here, why does she is need be be informed at all? The city council have obviously gained all the permission that were required from the county council in the first instance, maybe her colleagues forgot to let her know. Definitley sour grapes, if the truth is known, she is moaning now because it was not her idea!
  3. Massive improvement when they were out to be fair
  4. K.Butt

    Wonderful Short Film About Hereford

    This is brilliant, really enjoyed, well done to the author
  5. So sad, I wonder what happened here?
  6. Not really surprised, small minded Hereford
  7. K.Butt

    So What Did You Think Of The Royal Wedding?

    We loved it
  8. K.Butt

    Former Magistrates Court sold to NMITE

    Yes I heard the same thing and also the bus station is going to become a multi storey car park
  9. K.Butt

    A place of worship in Eign St

    I see that the Hereford Times have finally caught top with this story today
  10. K.Butt

    Halfords Hereford Rubbish Responsibility

    So because the landlords will not allow Halfords to build a bin compound the store still need to keep the area around them clean, this is a reasonable excuse but not a total excuse, clean it up.
  11. K.Butt

    Poppy Display

    Very nice photographs
  12. K.Butt

    Elevate Property Group Purchase The Booth Hall

    Finally! It will be good to see this project actually starting
  13. K.Butt

    Kiko Matthews Breaks World Record!

    Brilliant! What an achievement, well done that girl, new world record in the bag :)
  14. K.Butt

    A place of worship in Eign St

    I notice plans for a new place of worship have been submitted to change of use (A2) office premises to become (D1) place of worship, with site managers living accommodation. I see no more details Plans can be found here
  15. K.Butt

    BIG DAY @ The Butter Market

    It was good to see a lot more activity, the weather was against them though sadly.