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  1. locallady

    care homes

    Not sure if this is allowed. Being totally new to this situation and know nobody to ask, am looking for care home for elderly mother with dementia. Have looked at all official websites etc.. Does anyone on here have any personal experieince with care homes in Hereford?
  2. locallady

    Weeds verging on the ridiculous

    Several residents of Belmont Road would liked to have weeded along the railings. Remembering that a few years ago a man got into trouble for mowing a grass verge, they were reluctant to.
  3. locallady

    On Street Pay and Display parking

    Had to take my 87 year old mother to an emergency appointment in St Owens Street on Tuesday. Husband managed to park outside, took longer than expected. He had to leave when the hour was up, by the time we could leave, it was 5.30pm, no way he could get back without us hanging around, taxi home cost us a fortune. Mum was so stressed and frail. Don't the council realise how dangerous their parking rules are?
  4. locallady

    The Ship Inn Proposal

    They will all try and park on Belmont Avenue. Since the sheltered housing was built on the small carpark on Belmont Avenue, it has effectively become a one way street, particularly at school-run times. Sooner or later there will be a head-on collision. Imagine trying to exit Belmont Court and turn right. Also Belmont Court is a privately owned and maintained parking area. People already park just on the left, what happens when an emergency vehicle needs access? The council should re-instate the double yellow lines along that portion of Belmont Avenue and put parking wardens on the beat. They did do that when the hosing was being built last year.
  5. locallady

    The Ship Inn Proposal

    Plaaning permission for yet more flats was refused on that small parcel of land.