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  1. Hereford Voice

    Oswin & Co

    The end of an era for Oswin & Co jewellers in Broad Street Hereford. The beautiful iconic black gloss store which is a Hereford institute is closing down, but fear not! They are relocating to the former Jones footwear shop in Widemarsh Street nevertheless, this will leave a void in Broad Street for sure. What will become of this stunning building and Broad Street? The Green Dragon is in need of massive investment and is currently up for sale, the Sony shop is still empty, so is this street which is in the heart of Hereford part just going to be offices, banks and estate agents...
  2. Hereford Voice

    Duck Pond Day - 24th June 10am - POSTPONED!

    Duck Pond Clean Up Day - Sunday 24th June Postponed! Due to unforeseen circumstances the Duck Pond Day this Sunday has had to be postponed. We will advise of a new date over the next few weeks, apologies for any inconvenience.
  3. THE Lord Lieutenant of Herefordshire will unveil an arts project inspired by Trafalgar Square’s Fourth Plinth this Friday. Hereford City Council has been co-ordinating the delivery of the project which will showcase the work of students and local artists. The new community project which partners with Hereford Skate Park and the Hereford College of Arts hopes to promote art and culture and showcase the talent of local residents. Lord Lieutenant for Herefordshire The Dowager Countess of Darnley will officially unveil the first sculpture, the Rotherwas Angel, at 4pm on June 22. Brian Stephens, skate park trustee and founder, said: The plinths will catch the eye of people as they enter and exit the City on the A49. Information about the artists and the sculpture will be found in the gallery in the Boom Box on the skate Park. The first sculpture created by students from the Art College is based on a brief relating to the Home Front. Hereford College of Arts course leader Darren Williams said the project is an exceptional opportunity for the students involved to challenge themselves. He said: A lot of work has also be done behind the scenes by Councillor Paul Stevens (Widemarsh).
  4. Hereford Voice

    Duck Pond Day - 24th June 10am - POSTPONED!

    Just a quick reminder folks only a week to go! We need as many volunteers to helps us as possible! Please as usual bring along a few black bags and some garden equipment, to trim bushes and generally tidy up areas of overgrowth. We will also finish painting the fence, so again the more people that join us next Sunday the sooner it will get finished. Looking forward to another great day
  5. Hereford Voice

    Weeds verging on the ridiculous

    The same applies to when it snows. It is a myth to think you will be prosecuted it someone slips over. In most of Europe it is the law! Getting back to the weed/rubbish problem, if people cleaned outside their homes a lot of these problems would disappear.
  6. Hereford Voice

    Herefordshire Council Draft Budget

    Herefordshire Council delivers draft balanced budget Herefordshire Council has today published its draft statement of accounts for public inspection. The statements confirm that the council spent within its budget for 2017/18 and has set aside reserves for future years. The detailed performance for the year will be reported to Cabinet in June. The statements of accounts provide an understanding of the financial position of the council and demonstrate that the financial position is sound and secure. The council’s 2017/18 net revenue budget of £145m was matched with equivalent net spend, after transfers to and from specific reserves. Council reserves are proportionately comparable to similar councils and providing resilience as we face the challenges ahead. Capital investment for 2017/18 totalled £49.2 and included investment in the highways network (£13.7m), Hereford City Transport Package (£6.1m), Colwall Primary School (£4.1m) and Hereford Enterprise Zone (£1.8m). No new long-term borrowing was required to be undertaken. Every day the council helps to protect around 2,500 vulnerable adults and 1,000 children and young people (including 300 children in our care). Recent achievements include: Working with external partners to produce a business case which secured £23m of government funding to establish a new university in Hereford, of which the Council is the accountable body, and During the year the council realised the majority of the sale of its smallholding estate and the Council has approved that these funds (in excess of £40m) will be reinvested in regeneration projects throughout the County. The external auditors, Grant Thornton, will commence their audit work to supply their opinion on whether the draft financial statements present a true and fair view of the financial position of the council, its expenditure and income and whether they have been prepared properly in accordance with accounting practice. This work is schedule to conclude in July. The public are invited to view the accounts from 1 June 2018 to 12 July 2018 inclusive, where you may question the auditor about the accounts, or make an objection to the accounts. A guide to your rights can be found at https://www.nao.org.uk/code-audit-practice/wp-content/uploads/sites/29/2015/03/Council-accounts-a-guide-to-your-rights.pdf
  7. Hereford Voice

    Texaco Garage Holmer Road Hereford

    Holmer Road Petrol Filling Station In Hereford. (Texaco) A planning application has been submitted for the proposed demolition of the existing retail store/kiosk and car wash facility. The erection of a replacement retail store/kiosk. The removal and replacement of existing petrol pumps and canopy, replacement of fuel tanks, re-configuration of car parking layout and installation of plant within an enclosure. Planning Application P181599/F
  8. Hereford Voice

    Duck Pond Day

    Duck Pond Day - Sunday 24th June 10-4pm. We need Volunteers! We will continue to paint the remainder of the metal fence, put up two new signs and generally clean up the surrounding area to include weeding and clearing over grown bushes etc. Please bring garden tools and garden bags etc like last time. We will try and arrange refreshments again, I am sure that Castle House Hereford will help out, they have always been excellent.
  9. Duck Pond Day - Sunday 24th June 10-4pm.POSTPONED We need volunteers! We will continue to paint the remainder of the metal fence, put up two new signs and generally clean up the surrounding area to include weeding and clearing over grown bushes etc. Please bring garden tools and garden bags etc like last time. We will try and arrange refreshments again, I am sure that Castle House Hereford will help out, they have always been excellent.
  10. Hereford Voice

    80 New Homes for Clehonger

    Plans have been passed for 80 new homes land between Gosmore Road and The Seven Stars Public House Gosmore Road Clehonger Herefordshire by Persimmon Homes East Wales. The original outline planning application P173007/RM & P142349/O - Non Material Amendment submitted P181775/AM.
  11. Hereford Voice

    Ragwert latest forum Moderator

    As the site continues to grow, I am seeking more and more help from our members. I have today added ragwert to our team he will assist in posting news items and moderating alongside @DILLIGAF. Please welcome ragwert to the team, I am sure he will become a valued member of our growing team.
  12. Robust Pothole Plan Rolled Out Across Herefordshire £1.25m additional funding will help to tackle the issue Balfour Beatty Living Places has scaled up their approach to combat the county’s potholes through the delivery of a proactive pothole repair plan. Herefordshire Council’s public realm contractor recorded over five times the number of potholes in March 2018 compared with the previous year, mainly due to the combination of water on the network and extremely cold temperatures caused by the prolonged winter weather. The challenge of tackling the increased number of potholes across the UK has been acknowledged by government, and Herefordshire Council recently secured £1.25m of additional funding to help tackle the issue. This is in addition to the £5m successful funding bid to the Department for Transport’s Local Highways Maintenance Challenge Fund, which will see the second phase of road improvement work on the A4103 and A438 begin in August 2018. Balfour Beatty Living Places’ pothole repair teams have been working hard to overcome the high number of road defects and, since January 2018, have repaired over 13,700 defects, compared to around 3,000 this time last year. The pothole repair plan sees more operational pothole gangs out on the network, and the use of a ‘jetpatcher’ machine enables higher volumes of potholes to be repaired quickly and effectively. Andy Williams, Balfour Beatty Living Places Contract Director, said: Councillor Barry Durkin, Herefordshire Council Cabinet Member for Transport and Regulatory Services, said:
  13. The second phase of work to upgrade Hereford City Centre will begin on Monday 14 May 2018 with the refurbishment of Commercial Street. Balfour Beatty Living Places on behalf of Herefordshire Council will carry out refurbishment works on the Commercial Street area of High Town with neighbouring traders kept informed of progress throughout the works. The work is the second phase of a refurbishment project that will be consistent with the look of Widemarsh Street and High Street. Councillor Barry Durkin, cabinet member for highways and transport said: The work will be phased to ensure minimal disruption to businesses and shoppers. All access to frontages will be maintained. Work will continue through 2018 with a break for the busy Christmas shopping period. The Commercial Street phase of the scheme will be completed in early 2019.
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  15. Hereford Voice

    Hereford River Carnival Weekend

    An absolute fantastic day at the River Carnival today in Hereford. The weather and atmosphere were perfect! For all those people that managed to visit, we are sure that you have had a wonderful day and the party on the Castle Green and music from the Nozstock stage continues into the evening. Here are just a few photographs that we took..