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  1. A fantastic photograph of the Left Bank and De Koffie Pot taken at 0130 hrs this morning. All of the lights were left on at the Left Bank in order that this photograph could be taken showing a superb glimmer and reflection across the very high river Wye. Thank you to our friend David Barrett for this wonderful shot.
  2. Hereford Voice

    River Wye is High in Hereford

    A full size raft was stuck under the old bridge this morning but the fast current soon dislodged it and it now heading further down river.
  3. Hereford Voice

    River Wye is High in Hereford

    The river Wye in Hereford is very high and fast flowing this morning. If this rainfall continues for a few more days we may see the river burst its banks. I spoke with my daughter this morning and she tells me the both river bridges in Brecon are closed.
  4. Hereford Voice

    Bypass statistics ignored by Council

    All good mate
  5. Hereford Voice

    Lance Corporal Allan Leonard Lewis VC

    Fantastic to see, I will salute him when I am next there.
  6. Hereford Voice

    Hereford City shopkeeper fined for selling illegal tobacco

    Let us hope that they deal with these people more appropriate by issuing bigger fines or prison sentences.
  7. Hereford Voice

    Hereford Voice. Use it or lose it

    Hi guys, Rest assured, we are not going anywhere. The script and database that we use for the forum was well out of date so we had little choice other than to upgrade. There are a couple of coloured themes you can use (you will find the theme tab at the bottom of the forum). There are actually a lot of new features including social media, we have to keep up with the latest updates and security to keep the site running efficiently. We are have a large audience on both Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This is your platform, please use it and encourage others to join us. Cheers Colin
  8. Hereford Voice


    Herefordshire Now is the new quarterly residents’ magazine from Herefordshire Council Front cover of Herefordshire Now magazine Herefordshire Council has launched a new publication to share news and information about council services with residents. Produced four times a year, Herefordshire Now will be available on the council website, with a small number of paper copies available through community outlets such as libraries and council buildings. The magazine follows on from the positive response to the ‘How your council tax is spent’ publication, which was delivered to every household in March with council tax letters. Residents told us they welcomed finding out more about the council’s priorities and how their council tax is being spent. Inside Herefordshire Now magazine Each issue of Herefordshire Now will include news about a range of council services, and information such as details of council-run courses and events. With a large number of people now accessing information on their digital devices, being online means that readers can easily link through to further information and see video content. For people who would still prefer to read from a paper version, copies of Herefordshire Now will be free to pick up from community outlets such as libraries and council buildings. The cost of printing the magazine (£499) has been met by the council for the first issue, however it is planned to cover this cost in future through advertising. Herefordshire Now is available to download HERE
  9. Hereford Voice

    Hereford City shopkeeper fined for selling illegal tobacco

    Zabka in Eign Gate and and International in Commercial Road were raided again today!
  10. Herefordshire Council’s Trading Standards carried out a joint raid as part of a Multi Agency Targeted Enforcement Strategy operation A Hereford City shopkeeper has been fined for selling illegal tobacco in a case taken to court by Herefordshire Council’s Trading Standards service. Adam Ibrahim, 26, of Bank Street Dudley, pleaded guilty yesterday (Monday 1 October 2018) at Hereford Magistrates’ Court to six offences of possession and sale of illegal tobacco, all of which was non UK duty-paid. The former owner of the Zabka shop at Eign Gate, Hereford, was fined and required to pay costs totalling £2472. Mr Ibrahim is the fourth consecutive owner of the Zabka shop in four years to be convicted of selling illegal tobacco. In January 2018, Herefordshire Council's Trading Standards, Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service and West Mercia Police undertook a joint raid as part of a Multi Agency Targeted Enforcement Strategy (MATES) operation. 1580 packets of illegal cigarettes and 132 pouches of illegal hand rolling tobacco were seized; products were found in sophisticated concealments hidden in the floor and in false backs to large fridges. Marc Willimont, Herefordshire Council’s Head of Regulatory & Development Management Services, said: Sergeant Duncan Reynolds from West Mercia Police said: There is further information about Herefordshire Trading Standards on the Herefordshire Council website at www.herefordshire.gov.uk/trading-standards
  11. Hereford Voice

    Plans for 75 Dwellings in Marden Refused

    Plans for 75 dwellings on the land adjacent to the Volunteer in Marden have been refused. Full details here The original application dates back to October 2016
  12. Union Passage & St Peters Square Improvements Work has been taking place over the past week by Hereford Business Improvement District to make Union Passage (The gateway to Union Street) much more attractive to shoppers. Walls have been repainted to help make the passageway appear lighter. Union Street has so many great local businesses including Music Plus, Papaya and The Kup-cake Kitchen. Work has also taken place to paint the railings at the War Memorial in St Peters Square ahead of this year Remembrance Parade.
  13. The traffic lights at the Asda junction are out of order and have been all weekend and guess what? 'The Traffic Just Flows' Yesterday evening, (August bank holiday) we took a video which you can find here, which shows the traffic moving freely, there were no problems at all however, we were asked to film another video on a normal day during the rush hour, well here it is, this was filmed just before 0900 this morning and again you can see that the 'Traffic Just Flows' when these traffic lights are off.
  14. Hereford Voice

    Traffic Lights Campaign - Part -Time Lights 7pm-7am

    Every-time the lights are out, guess what happens, yes! 'The Traffic Flows' and that has been our motto since we started these traffic light campaigns years ago.