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    Incident on Greyfriars Bridge Hereford

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    Police, Ambulance and Fire services are dealing with an incident on Greyfriars Bridge/New Bridge, Hereford.


    Please avoid the area.

    Land at Three Elms

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    I have just received this:



    Subject : Land at Three Elms Community Planning Weekend, 15-19 May 2015

    Dear Sir / MadamLand at Three Elms, Hereford Community Planning Weekend
    Friday 15, Saturday 16 and Tuesday 19 May 2015
    Whitecross Hereford High School, Three Elms Road, Hereford HR4 0RN
    The Church Commissioners for England invite you to the Land at Three Elms Community Planning Weekend to inform the drawing up of an illustrative masterplan for a sustainable new neighbourhood to the west of Hereford.
    Land at Three Elms has been identified in Herefordshire Council’s draft Local Plan as a location for a mixed use development to the west of the city. The Council has identified the land for around 1000 new homes, 10 hectares of employment land, new open space and recreation areas, which will form a sustainable new neighbourhood. This development can also help to bring long term investment into the city, including the delivery of new infrastructure.
    John Thompson & Partners, architects and community planners, has been appointed by the Church Commissioners for England to work with the local community to inform and influence the development of an illustrative masterplan for the land. The Community Planning Weekend will be an opportunity to share local knowledge and contribute to planning the new neighbourhood through workshops and hands-on planning groups. There will also be an exhibition explaining the background of the site.  
    Key dates
    1·         Friday, 15 May, 1.45pm-7.00pm: First day of Community Planning Weekend
    2·         Saturday, 16 May, 10.45am-4.00pm: Second day of Community Planning Weekend
    3·         Tuesday, 19 May, 6.00pm-7.30pm: Report Back of the New Neighbourhood Concept
    For more information on the programme, please see the attached flyer. Please share this event with your networks, everyone is welcome!
    Following the Community Planning Weekend, the design team will move forward to prepare an Outline Planning application for the site, which it is anticipated will be submitted to Herefordshire Council in early autumn 2015.
    I look forward to seeing you at the Weekend.  In the meantime, if you would like any more information please contact me at on 020 7017 1780.
    Yours faithfully
    Charles Campion, Partner
    John Thompson & Partners


    Police presence Belmont/Hunderton riverside


    A large police presence has been gathering this evening along the riverbanks. The river is being searched and the helicopter has provided assistance.  This could be in relation to the search for the two missing people. 

    A body has been recovered from the river. It is believed to be that of Ashley George who went missing on Thursday.

    New Hereford Voice Theme

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    We have today added a new colour theme to the website as part of our overall upgrade.

    You can pick your preferred background colour by clicking on the icon on your profile bar that looks like a little mountain, from here you can select your colour choice.


    Alternatively, you an always just use the standard default theme by selecting it from the 'Theme' dropdown box at the bottom of the page.

    We are hoping to add additional themes as and when finances allow.

    Chimichanga may close in the New Year

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    We spoke with the staff at the Mexican food giant Chimichanga this evening following rumours on social media that they will be closing their restaurant at the Old Market Hereford in the New Year.


    We are informed by staff that a burger restaurant may be opening in their place but as we have stated this is only a rumour and nothing has yet been confirmed.

    Prezzo To Close 100 of its Restaurants

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,


    Italian restaurant chain Prezzo is preparing to close around 100 of its 300 stores in an attempt to rescue the business.

    The chain - which is owned by private equity firm TPG Capital - employs around 4,500 people. 

    Prezzo is also expected to completely close its TexMex chain Chimichanga, which has 33 restaurants in the UK.

    The closures would form part of a deal to renegotiate debts owed by the company to its landlords.

    Specialist restructuring firm AlixPartners is understood to be drafting a company voluntary arrangement (CVA) - a step short of going into administration - on the company's behalf.

    The CVA would allow Prezzo to continue trading without being pursued for the money it owes.

    We are not sure at this time if the Prezzo restaurant in the Old Market Hereford is listed to close although we understand that Chimichanga  will be closing.

    Herefordshire School Closures

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    School Closures for tomorrow (Friday 2nd March)

    • Ashfield Park Primary
    • Ashperton Primary
    • Aylestone High
    • Barrs Court  
    • Barrs Court Hub
    • Bishop of Hereford Bluecoat
    • Blackmarston School
    • Bosbury CE Primary
    • Brampton Abbotts CE Primary
    • Bredenbury Primary School
    • Bridstow CE Primary
    • Broadlands Primary
    • Brockhampton Primary
    • Brookfield School
    • Burghill Community Academy
    • Burley Gate CE Primary
    • Canon Pyon CE Academy
    • Clehonger CE Primary
    • Clifford Primary
    • Colwall CE Primary
    • Eardisley CE Primary
    • Earl Mortimer College
    • Ewyas Harold Primary
    • Fairfield High
    • Garway School and the Preschool
    • Goodrich Primary School
    • Hampton Dene Primary
    • Holmer CE Academy
    • Ivington Primary
    • John Kyrle
    • John Masefield High
    • Kings Caple Academy
    • Kingstone High School
    • Kingstone Primary
    • Kington Primary
    • Lea CE Primary and the Preschool 
    • Leintwardine Primary
    • Leominster Primary
    • Little Dewchurch Primary
    • Llangrove CE Academy
    • Longtown Primary
    • Lord Scudamore
    • Lucton School
    • Lugwardine Primary
    • Luston Primary
    • Marden Primary
    • Marlbrook Primary
    • Michaelchurch Escley Primary
    • Mordiford Primary
    • Much Birch Primary
    • Orleton CE Primary
    • Pembridge CE Primary
    • Pencombe CE Primary
    • Peterchurch Primary
    • Queen Elizabeth Bromyard
    • Riverside Primary School
    • Shobdon Primary
    • St Francis Xavier
    • St James CE Primary
    • St Joseph's RC Primary and the Nursery
    • St Martin's Primary School
    • St Mary's CE Primary Credenhill
    • St Mary's Fownhope
    • St Mary's RC High
    • St Michael's Primary
    • St Paul's CE Primary
    • St Peter's Bromyard
    • St Thomas Cantilupe
    • St Weonards Primary
    • Staunton on Wye Primary School
    • Stretton Sugwas Academy
    • Sutton Primary
    • Stoke Prior School
    • Trinity Primary
    • Walford Primary
    • Wellington Primary School
    • Weobley High
    • Weobley Primary
    • Westfield School
    • Weston Under Penyard Primary
    • Whitchurch CE Primary
    • Wigmore Primary
    • Wigmore High
    • Withington Primary
    • Whitecross High

    Full details, updates and travel news can be found at Herefordshire.gov.uk

    Motions to consider: Code of Conduct, Verge Parking, Video Casting and Eastern River Crossing

    By megilleland,

    Motions to consider: Code of Conduct, Verge Parking, Video Casting and Eastern River Crossing

    Friday 9 March 2018 10.00 am




    item 10: 4 notices of motion under standing orders

    Motion – Code of Conduct
    (Proposed by Councillor EPJ Harvey, Seconded by Councillor MD Lloyd-Hayes)
    The constitution of this Council rightly requires our employees to conform to high standards as regards the declaration of their personal interests. Presently we have not set a similarly high standard for elected members. In the interests of fairness and in line with the standards of selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership which are required of councillors, I propose that:

    This council commits its elected members to the standards for the declaration of their personal interests which it already requires of its employees as regards membership of any organisation which: is not open to the public without formal membership; or requires a commitment of allegiance; or has secrecy about its rules or about the conduct of its members.

    Motion – Verge Parking
    (Proposed by Councillor BA Baker, Seconded by Councillor SP Anderson )
    The damage caused by vehicles being parked carelessly on grass verges is not only unsightly but can add to the costs of maintaining the verges and highways at a time when council resources are already stretched. In light of this largely unregulated activity I move that the executive be asked to consider putting in place suitable controls to restrict parking on grass verges, including the introduction of by-laws.   

    Motion –  Video Casting
    (Proposed by Councillor AJP Powers, Seconded by Councillor FM Norman)
    Recognising that, following It’s Our County’s proposal and after a nine month trial period, this council has recently decided to audio-cast public meetings and to adopt these recordings as audio minutes; and knowing that almost all our neighbouring authorities (Gloucestershire, Monmouthshire, Powys and Worcestershire), and many others, already routinely video-cast their meetings – an option originally rejected by this council on cost grounds

    That, to align this council with best practice elsewhere, the executive is asked  
    a) to re-consider the merits of ‘up-grading’ from audio to live on-line video streaming so that the public meetings of Herefordshire Council and its elected members would be publically open and visible to those unable to attend, and that the recordings should be archived and made available on-line.  
    b) to consider a trial period for live video streaming, with the opportunity during the trial for feedback from elected members and the public.

    Motion – Eastern River Crossing
    (Proposed by Councillor JLV Kenyon, Seconded by Councillor SM Michael)
    This council notes that the dates for completion of the western bypass are unknown, that it will not relieve the traffic issues within the city and also it’s not its primary purpose.

    The executive is asked to investigate and ensure that a protective corridor can be established for an Eastern river crossing from the B4399 at  Rotherwas crossing over the B4224 near to the proposed rugby club development through to the A438 close to the Cock of Tupsley.


    Will they consider these items. I doubt it.

    Marks and Spencers Lorry Stuck

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,
    Marks and Spencer’s lorry is stuck in the snow and is blocking access East Street into St Ethelbert Hereford.
    The lorry is totally stuck and is need of assistance.

    28534129_10155340304292157_1103478590_n.jpg.b16dbf5d922da067e7ac1151c368dc19.jpg 28534145_10155340304327157_1354549631_n.jpg.aaaedc14a8a09108200aeac357b037f6.jpg

    Setting new Council Tax figures for 2018 to 2019

    By megilleland,

    Having pointed out the iniquity of the council tax system in Hereford Voice in 2014, The Guardian has done a piece on the latest situation comparing Westminster with other parts of the country.

    The top band H (properties over £320,00) will be paying £1,376 this coming year 2017 to 2018.

    Your Council Tax for 2017 to 2018*:
    Band    Westminster City Council     Greater London Authority   Total
    A          £272.08                              £186.68                             £458.76
    B          £317.43                              £217.79                             £535.22
    C          £362.77                              £248.91                             £611.68
    D          £408.12                              £280.02                             £688.14
    E          £498.81                              £342.25                             £841.06
    F          £589.51                              £404.47                             £993.98
    G         £680.20                              £466.70                             £1,146.90
    H         £816.24                              £560.04                             £1,376.28

    *The council has increased its own general council tax requirement by 1.9%. Westminster council tax also includes a charge for Adult Social Care as proposed by central government costing an additional 2.0%. The GLA have increased their council tax requirement by 1.5%.

    compare this with Hereford City Council

    Hereford City Council including the Police & Fire precepts
    A     £1,184.17             
    B     £1,381.54             
    C     £1,578.89             
    D     £1,776.26             
    E     £2,170.98             
    F     £2,565.72             
    G     £2,960.43             
    H     £3,552.52     

    I leave you to digest the figures. Each parish has a different council tax figure - Ewyas Harold tops the charts with a Band H figure of £3661.76 and Stoke Edith, Dinmore and Hampton Bishop pay the least at £3445.84

    Haywood Lane Fly-tipping

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    Driving along Haywood Lane I noticed someone has dumped a whole load of rubbish and clothing down the side of the embankment next to the railway tunnel. 

    Haywood Lane Flytipping.jpg

    There is a huge amount there as you can see from these photographs.

    Planning for New Wards at Hereford County Hospital

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    Plans have been submitted for the proposed demolition of existing hutted wards and a new build construction of a two-storey ward development with roof top plant space at Herefordshire County Hospital.




    Planning Application P180679/F

    Snow - Hereford Road Conditions

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    I took these photographs at 19.30 in Hereford this evening and as you can see the road conditions are pretty bad. This snow is like a powder and the wind is causing blizzard type conditions add this to the current -4 temperature and this is the result.


    The forecast is that it is only going to get worse overnight.


    Some Old Market Shops Closed

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,


    The following stores at the Old Market in Hereford are closed due to the severe weather conditions


    *Waitrose is however currently open.

    Herefordshire 4x4 Response

    Hereford Voice
    By Hereford Voice,

    Herefordshire 4x4 Response is an organisation made up entirely of volunteers. In times of bad weather we assist the NHS, Fire & Rescue, Police and Search & Rescue teams.


    Our volunteers transport essential NHS Staff, Nurses, Doctors, Paramedics as well as essential medical supplies.

    If you work for the NHS, Police, Fire Service, Care Homes and even Meals on Wheels, and require transport during the snow please get in touch with the the Herefordshire Council Resilience Team on 01432 260223 and they will arrange for our team to be deployed. (Unfortunately we can not accept assistance requests from the public directly.)

    To find out how you can help please visit: Herefordshire 4x4 Response or their Facebook page 

    Plans for new GP super surgery to go on display

    By megilleland,

    From The Hereford Times - 1st March 2018


    PLANS for a new GP super surgery in Hereford will go on display to the public next week.

    Work has been ongoing to look at the possibility of merging a number of doctors' practices in the city at a site close to the railway station.

    And the new primary care hub would be the main surgery for patients who currently access GP services at Greyfriars Surgery, Moorfield House Surgery, Aylestone Hill Surgery and Sarum House.

    The engagement event to display plans for the hub takes place next Thursday at Hereford Town Hall from 2.30pm to 7.30pm.

    The Hereford Medical Group has been working in partnership with local healthcare property company, Prime and design team One Creative Environments Ltd (One) to develop the proposals for a modern, high quality building to provide patients with the best possible experience when accessing primary care services.

    Representatives from the Hereford Medical Group, Prime and One will be on hand throughout to answer questions.

    No booking is necessary and members of the public are welcome to pop in at any time.

    Dr Andrew Watts said: “Our key priority is providing good quality medical care for our patients.

    "Unfortunately our current premises are outdated and at full capacity and so are no longer suitable, which is why we need new purpose built accommodation.

    "We are keen to share our plans with patients.”

    Bob Smaylen, Development Director for Prime plc, added: “Using our expertise in delivering primary care facilities we are developing proposals which will provide high quality facilities that improve patient experience. We are looking forward to sharing these plans with local residents and hearing their feedback.”