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  1. Thanks for all of the replies, yes Bill Thomas it was as you understood it, another driver tried to drive from Edgar Street onto the roundabout. My husband was driving around the roundabout in the left hand lane to get off at the Newmarket street exit. The other driver went into the passenger side doors. The RTC was at 17.35 so I am sure lots of people did witness it but nobody stopped only the drivers to swap details. It is good to read what you mentioned about the ins. co. trying to go for a 50/50 claim in the first instance as I really cant see how a driver on the roundabout can be at all t
  2. Hi Just wondering if anyone knows if there is CCTV at the junction from Edgar street where you join the roundabout ? My husband was hit side on as he was going around the roundabout by a car trying to get onto the roundabout from Edgar street. The other drivers ins. co. are trying to go for 50/50 blame which mystifies us. Would be really helpful to be able to get some cctv . regards
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