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  1. But ... Cllr Davies is saying 'we have a vision' in the PR fluff piece above. If that isn't the case, why is she saying the contrary?

    "The fees of the management company will be covered by rental income" - that's either outrageous management fees or pitiful income. Either way, passing it off as one covering the other is hardly presenting a good business case. She's basically saying it doesn't make any money. What about servicing the cost of the capital borrowing? Is that covered by the rental income? Insurance, rates, cleaning, landlords costs etc?

    I did have high hopes for this Council but sadly, they are shaping up to be no better than previous incumbents - no coincidence the Officers are still the same perhaps? The ones really running the Council it seems, unelected and unaccountable. 

  2. Completely baffling that there is no provision made in St Owens St for neither contra-flow cycling or widened footpaths for pedestrians. This despite a long standing desire for a cycle contra-flow, three very expensive consultations and detailed designs over decades and a shovel-ready scheme ready to go for the last two years. Perhaps it isn't baffling, just par for the course. It is disappointing though.

  3. The traffic scheme? No point in even commenting on the detail - I've been increasingly disappointed by this Council - I had high hopes that they were a genuine force for good (and I'm sure they thought that too), but, after over a year in office, I'm just not seeing this being delivered. Officers will do what they want to do and whatever helps them climb the greasy pole - public comments are a necessary evil they have to go through, but we all know they are always ignored.

  4. Very badly written press release (no surprise there) - this is NOT free parking for car park users (contradicting the opening para). Read the small print to say this is for "on street pay and display in Hereford". The Cabinet Members words are written to conveniently omit this. Cue lots of outraged letters by car park users who snaffle a penalty.

    The photo simply reinforces the error - perhaps change this for an on-street one?

  5. Given that the controversial and universally unpopular on-street charges raise only £275k, less manpower and other costs, is there really a case for keeping it, given the huge financial hit the shops have taken because of it, even before the present crisis. Time to scrap it with immediate effect (I know, this Council do nothing immediately, but hey). Also, why are they paying a lease on the Maylords car park when they own the freehold? Some creative accounting?

  6. Rent and rates have reached the level where many businesses simply cannot make any money and so premises stand empty. Supporting information for this application showed no demand for the shop, with rent and rates of £25k. Bridge St is changing from commercial to residential. This proposal is actually half decent in terms of the space it provides, unlike the others listed above.

  7. 6 hours ago, megilleland said:

    No news of the Community Centre that was planned as part of the Oval Development, but appears to have been dropped now all the houses have been built. Was it supposed to be built on the corner opposite the Mermaid where the builders had their compound? This facility would have been useful to this part of Hereford especially as they are going to build more houses on Beattie Avenue.

    Was it part of the approved planning drawings? If so, it might be worth a question to Planning (and Keepmoat), although there is not usually a time limit to finish a development once it has started.

  8. On 09/03/2020 at 18:03, Aylestone Voice said:

    I was only slightly concerned about Covid19 but now as it seems that the Council is involved I am starting to panic!!!

    Looking at their website it seems they are just parroting the advice of the government

    Perhaps Karen can enlighten us as to what the Council are actually doing?


    I'm not sure which is more alarming - the sight of Boris at his press call yesterday looking like a terrified rabbit caught in the headlights or our Council taking charge if things get really bad. Remind me, where is the Council nuclear bunker that they'll all be scurrying down into?

  9. 20 hours ago, Cambo said:

    When we campaigned to save the old boy’s school in Bath street one of the reasons stipulated by HWFRS was that they need to be within 2 minutes of the city centre...so if indeed they do relocate behind B&Q surely it will take longer than 2 minutes to reach the city centre from that point?

    Not that I have any objection to them relocating behind B&Q it’s more the fact that they lied to try to justify their reasons for moving to the old boy’s school location at the time thankfully they saw sense & pull the PA in the end.


    Indeed, and the representatives I spoke to at the exhibition of the Bath St proposals were absolutely adamant that the police and the fire brigade could not and would not share a building - they had tried it at Bromsgrove, it hadn't worked and that was that. Until the next time it seems.

  10. All of the 'historic core' and St James & Bartonsham has had 20mph zoning for several years. Living in the middle of it, I can honestly say it hasn't made a jot of difference to traffic speed. Even people who live here are either unaware of it or don't give monkeys. When it was first put in place, our ward councillor assured us a mobile camera would be put on hot spots eg Harold St (Cathedral School mothers in your massive SUV's, you're the worst offenders), but needless to say this never happened. As for this proposal, just an excuse for officers to justify their jobs, spend some money, put up yet more signs and then move on to the next pointless exercise. Completely pointless. Perchance any councillors should be reading this, how about doing something really, useful like turning off traffic lights?

    The other point about 20mph is that it has no legal status - it cannot be enforced by the Police.

  11. Sensible move on the flooding - the much vaunted £4m Yazor Brook flood alleviation scheme doesn't seem to be cutting it, as we have seen over the last couple of weeks. Bear in mind this was designed to withstand a 1:1000 year flood, yet it is under water barely 10 years later. I was told a year ago by Planning that, as far as they were concerned, the whole of the ESG 'Urban Village' was still a flood zone and they would not "encourage submission of an application until this has been addressed through a holistic approach across the Edgar Street Grid".




  12. I had high hopes following the local election results 9 months ago. However, aside from kicking the bypass into the long grass (but at a ridiculous £0.5m cost) absolutely nothing tangible has happened to improve life in the County. Nothing. I appreciate a lot of problems were inherited and they want to fundamentally change policies but it's also about PR with the Council Tax payers, and all we're seeing is press releases for this, that and the other review. From reading the Hereford Times and comments, it seems the initial goodwill is quickly evaporating, because we're not seeing anything tangible on the ground. Do something, anything, no matter how small - turn off one set of traffic lights for instance. As for salary scales for 'Officers' how did that happen? Are these people worth £100k or more for so little done so badly? Of course not, but they're all looking after each other instead of doing the job. A benevolent dictatorship has never looked so attractive.

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  13. You'd like to think so wouldn’t you, but I'd no longer trust the Council to cross the potholed road, let alone take this on. Why has the £4m+ Yazor Brook flood alleviation scheme failed less than 10 years after building it? It was 'designed' for a 1 in a 1000 year extreme event. This throws into doubt all of the ESG development land along the Link Road. The Council knew it wasn't working even before this - I've been told by Planning. A lot of the lesser flooding could have been avoided if the gullies and drains had been properly maintained - I gave up reporting blocked gullies as nothing was ever done. And so on. At some point, you just pull up the drawbridge.

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