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mail from Cllr Johnson 2 Oct 2013


​Posted in the Hereford Times

Dear Mr. *****
Cllr. Hamiltons’ complaints were about Councillors in other (non Conservative administration groups) The behaviour of those Councillors is a matter for the leaders of those groups. You may wish to enquire of those leaders what actions they propose to moderate the behaviour of their members bearing in mind that, at this stage, these are still allegations. Where staff make complaints about their treatment by Councillors, those complaints are dealt with by an established formal procedure and, where appropriate, sanctions are applied to the offender.
People seeking to make political capital from unsubstantiated rumour which could result in damaging an innocent person should be treated with the contempt they deserve. This comment is not directed at you Mr. ***** since you had the courage at least to identify yourself when making direct contact with me with your opinion.
I was elected leader only last May and you will gather from this e-mail that I have no intention whatsoever of resigning. This administration was elected by the majority of voters to enact its’ manifesto for the benefit of the whole County. It is on track to do just that. Given the dire financial position of all Councils (and particularly small ones like ours) and the problems of managing rising demand with drastically reduced funding, it would be interesting to know what alternatives are proposed by anyone. I can assure you that despite lots of general moans, none has been forthcoming so far.
If I can be of help in any future matters I would be very pleased to do so.

Tony Johnson
Leader Herefordshire Council

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