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Herefordshire receives Government cash to boost number of Electric Vehicle charging points

Hereford Voice

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A partnership of five local authorities across the Midlands region, alongside Sub-National Transport Body Midlands Connect has led a successful bid for almost £1million of funding aimed at getting more electric vehicle chargers into areas with limited off-street parking.


The bid, aiming to deliver hundreds of new electric vehicle charging points across the Midlands, was made in June focusing on the first tranche of money offered as part of Government’s Local Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Pilot.

A partnership of five local authorities across the Midlands region – Lincolnshire County Council, Herefordshire Council, Leicestershire County Council, Rutland County Council, and Stoke-on-Trent City Council - alongside Sub-National Transport Body Midlands Connect, submitted the bid. The resulting award of £935,355 is to be distributed between the five councils.

It is expected that this support from Government will now attract an additional £2.8million of private sector investment, with the cumulative funds being used to install a total of 322 standard and 27 rapid public EV chargers across the Midlands.

Analysis by Midlands Connect found that the Midlands needs 17,461 new public EV charging points by the end of 2025 to meet the needs of the growing EV market and it’s hoped that this latest good-news around the Government funding will spur on more region-wide installation of charging points.

Estimates suggest that the installation and maintenance of electric vehicle charging points will also create an influx of jobs in the region with over 42,000 related roles set to be created in the Midlands by the end of 2032.

At present, 93% of electric vehicle owners have access to off-road parking. It’s hoped that increasing the number of public charging stations will make it easier for those without a driveway to make the switch to an electric vehicle, while also increasing the ease of travel and charging for all EV users.

Councillor John Harrington, Cabinet Member for Infrastructure and Transport said: “I’m delighted that this successful bid means that we will be able to offer more electric charging facilities across the county which will support our residents and business to make the shift to ultra-low emission vehicles as part our strong commitment to addressing the climate and ecological emergency.”

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Councillor Harrington's 'strong commitment to addressing the climate and ecological emergency' would be better demonstrated by making even a token effort at sorting out the traffic lights and traffic flows in and through the City (as promised at the last elections) - standing traffic here, there and everywhere belching out toxic fumes, resulting in parts of the City not even safe to breathe in. A Mickey Mouse moss pile at one such spot is a sticking plaster on a massive boil - addressing the problem, rather than masking it, would surely be a more honest way to go. As for EV's - few can afford the massive premium they initially attract, especially in the face of fiscal storm hitting this country. New ev points are not going to win the election in just nine months time.

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