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External Improvements to Cornish Flats in Newton Farm

Glenda Powell

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Herefordshire Housing Ltd have appointed Thomas Vale Construction of Stourport-on-Severn to undertake the energy improvements to the Pre-renforced Concrete (PRCs) two storey flats in Newton Farm. The work consists of installing an external insulated render system to the concrete walls of the cornish properties, fitting a new ventilation system to reduce condensation internally,

re-roofing the properties including installing loft insulation, replacing the existing double glazed windows with a modern efficient type and in a few properties installing new boilers where required.

These energy efficiency measures will help to reduce fuel costs and make the properties warmer.


A grant was secured by Herefordshire Housing for this project in excess of £1.4 million, approximately half the cost of undertaking this work. This is good news for their tenants as it means that any savings on this project can be spent elsewhere to improve the lives of other residents.


The project is planned to commence in the latter half of May 2012 and it is hoped to complete the work to all properties by the end of November 2012.

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