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Positive Hereford | Ian Rivers Atlantic Crossing Creates History!

Hereford Voice

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Former SAS Soldier Ian Rivers has successfully rowed over 3,400 miles solo across the Atlantic Ocean without a GPS! He left New York 85 days ago to begin his voyage to the Isles of Scilly.

 458960747_Screenshot2021-08-23at17_59_25.png.d78b2fe73052b51827e65bb867635a01.png 1544551548_Screenshot2021-08-23at18_00_05.png.f69642d82596bcf6c57fa88daa737de2.png 903781508_Screenshot2021-08-23at18_00_21.png.b6b2f6556c121387475ed26d15c4bd87.png

We have followed Ian and Sentinel from the beginning and wow what a journey it has been!

A fabulous adventure, full of twists and turns and some terrifying force 10 storms too, Ian is not only a brave man he is clearly very determined and has completed his task, making history today!

Massive congratulations to Ian and the team at rowsentinel from all of us at Hereford Voice, it has been a privilege to have been able to follow you on such a thrilling and exciting voyage. You have truly achieved something incredible today and raised so much money for your charities, the SAS Association's charity and St Michael's Hospice - Hereford, thank you and congratulations!

We hope that you have enough strength left in your arms to raise a well deserved glass or two tonight

#HerefordVoice | #PositiveHereford | #Hereford

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