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Ludlow Fire Destroyed Vintage Military Vehicle

Hereford Voice

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Crews from Leominster Fire Station and Tenbury are currently assisting Ludlow at a building fire in Overton, Ludlow.

123684773_2698808360398501_672301900923015578_o.thumb.jpg.9d35ce777b0e7a8bf7d7b6a4a2407227.jpg 123622398_2698808440398493_8988154092739930003_o.thumb.jpg.3c090ed142a3913619221f48ab9dea49.jpg

Attacking the fire from the outside of the building, the fire is now extinguished, and crews are now in BA working together to locate and cool hotpots within the building. 

The workshop consisted of numerous vehicles, one of which was a vintage military vehicle. The vehicle was completely destroyed by the fire.

124424518_2698808533731817_4695484513343918318_o.thumb.jpg.b849cbdea7337372b22c701f2b90abf2.jpg 123735003_2698808660398471_7199003613938437161_o.thumb.jpg.1eda8717fcd713c1aa5d7ff0ad25d826.jpg
Images courtesy of Leominster Fire Station 

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